Operating room shadowless lamp installation and construction guide

Now there are 2 major types of structures currently used as roofs for operating room: One type is that the roof is cast-in-place concrete, this type of roof structure has set aside a installation point for shadowless lamp in the specified location, making the project simple, the surgical operating light can be installed without damaging the roof concrete structure. In order to better adapt to the load-bearing characteristics of the Shadowless Lamp, No. 10 channel steel can be used at the connection between the roof beam and the flange, the slot of the channel should be horizontal. As a simple supported beam structure with two ends fixed, the strength of the channel steel itself will not be a problem if it is calculated by the weight of the load. The key point of this kind installation is the selection and fixing of the cross-supports at both ends, because the supports at both ends are to bear the installation components of the surgical shadow lamp, and have passed the safety calculation. In such cases, after verifying the drawings and understanding the on-site construction conditions, if there are no doubts, the installation of shadowless lights can be performed directly.

The other is the total weight of the shadowless lights and horizontal beams, and all the external forces generated during use, directly carried by the roof. This type of roof structure can use 15 angle steel or 1/0 angled angle steel, use wall bolt or expansion bolt to secure the side of the ring. The bolts of fixed surgical shadowless lamps are basically not subjected to pulling force and will not be pulled out. The shearing force that can withstand can exceed the load.

Led760 560 Petal Model

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