Prevention of death of vegetables

There are five main reasons for the death of vegetable seedlings after seedlings. First, the soil temperature of the seedbed is too low. After the seedlings reach the seedbed, they can't take root and cause dead seedlings. Second, the seedling soil mixes in the unconsolidated organic fertilizer unevenly. Caused burning root dead seedlings; Third, when the seedlings are too often raised, not enough time to make the seedlings lose water too much, it is not easy to recover and die after splitting; Fourth, the seedlings before the seedlings development is not good, less root; It is because the seedlings are too late, causing the roots to be damaged, and the absorptive capacity is weak and dead. In summary, the following comprehensive measures shall be taken to prevent and control the death of seedlings after sub-seedling:

Improve soil temperature in seedbeds to ensure seedling temperature requirements after seedlings. Seed bed soil temperature such as cucumber and eggplant is not lower than 16°C, cabbage seed bed soil temperature is not lower than 8°C.

The use of organic fertilizer on seedbed soil must be fully fermented and cooked, and carefully mixed with bed soil. When the seedlings are divided, the bed soil shall be compacted and leveled, then ditched, placed in seedlings, and watered, and the soil shall be sealed after the water infiltration. Then move into the nutrient pods.

Do not overshoot the roots when lifting the seedlings. Bring more soil to your home and follow the points. Do not raise too much at once. The seedlings that emerged were wrapped in a damp cloth. To prevent excessive water loss. In the process of raising seedlings, we also need to pick out seedlings with few roots, broken leaves, sickness and deformity.

It is not advisable to divide the seedlings into small ones to improve the survival rate. Usually the first time the seedlings were divided, when the seedlings of the eggplant were in two leaves, the seedlings of the cabbage were in one leaf and the seedlings of the cucumber were before the cotyledon was unfolded.

Sub-seedlings should be selected for sunny days, such as when greenhouses have high light intensity, they can be placed above the sheds and shaded by a grasshopper at a certain distance to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the seedlings that have just finished.

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