Strengthen post-stage management of seedbed and improve the quality of cotton transplanting

This year in Rudong County, the weather during the planting season was fine and the sowing time was concentrated. However, persistent droughts in winter and spring caused poor soil moisture conditions, resulting in poor growth of cotton seedlings, and the growth period was later than usual. As the weather changes in the next stage, farmers should strengthen the management of seedbeds in the later period and prepare well for transplanting. Strengthen the management of seedbeds in the later period. Continue to ventilate without uncovering the film. This year, the age of the cotton seedlings is small, and it is necessary to stick to the day-night cover. During the day, the abrupt change of weather will promptly close the vents. In case of hot weather, the semi-bed membrane will be exposed before 8 o'clock in the morning. In the morning, the beds with white soil and white soil should be sprayed in time, and a small amount of urea or foliar fertilizer can be added to the water. At the same time, the aphids can be controlled. Do a good job in pre-transplantation management First, 10 to 15 days before transplanting (10 days for transplanting cotton, 15 days for cotton) Move and leave the planting, and do a good job of “three supplements and one increase” (supplement, supplement, fill , warming up) to reduce the period after transplanting. 3 days before transplantation, the seedlings were peeled off and the seedlings were sprayed, insecticides were sprayed, and Shimoda was taken. It is required that “the seedlings should not be moved across the fields and the membrane should not leave the bed” to prevent sudden changes in the weather. The second is Daejeon preparation. According to the planting pattern, implement the supporting gargle, grasp the site preparation, make the front buckwheat too wide, and do a good job of trimming; if the previous crop is broad beans, do a good job of nursing and cleaning. The third is to apply basal fertilizers, especially phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and boron and zinc micro-fertilizers, and apply organic fertilizers to improve the soil. Ensure the quality of transplanting (1) Transplanting in proper period. A set of cotton transplants are transplanted around May 18 (average daily temperature is stable at 20°C, and there are more than three true leaves in the seedlings), so it rains or transplants; it is cultivated on wheat (oil) basis. Harvest a transplant piece. (2) Reasonably determine the transplanting density. In order to increase the resilience of the cotton field population and solve the problem of insufficient population, the planting density should be appropriately increased. Pure cotton fields are suitable for 1,800 plants per mu; three-dimensional planting cotton fields are suitable for 1,600 plants per acre, and are appropriately increased or decreased according to the conditions of crop replantation and soil fertility; the minimum is at least 1500 per acre; 2500 acre per acre is preferred for direct seeded cotton. . (3) Adhere to the transplanting of seedlings of large and small seedlings. A plant is planted in time to earth, roots, and removal. The lack of basal fertilizers complements the “five rushes” of cotton to make up for it, and dry weather should reduce the amount of feces and water and make up for the deficiency. Based on disaster resistance, high standards excavate a ditch in the cotton field. In addition, there is still a certain area of ​​live cotton in the local coastal areas, and live cotton production should do the following work. The first is to sow planting around May 10. The second is to promote the live coverage of the mulching film, and timely to do a good job of membrane-breaking seedlings, checking seedlings to make up for deficiencies, fertilizing and raising seedlings, loose soil weeding, and so on, with emphasis on the prevention and control of aphids.

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