Preservation of seedlings before and after cotton emergence

First, after sowing, “four surveys” must be followed by “four surveys” after sowing of cotton. Check the changes in the public opinion, the second check the seed changes, three investigations of the occurrence and harm of underground pests, and four to check the situation of the seedlings. Find the problem and solve it immediately. Second, cultivating before and after emergence, with the use of herbicides, farmer weeding and weeding were replaced by chemical measures. However, the cultivator also has the effect of increasing the temperature, keeping the earthworms, spreading the grasshoppers, and eliminating the consolidation, especially in the spring. For those who are better than those who do not, the ground temperature of 5 cm is 1 °C to 1.5 °C higher. Through cultivating, warming and protecting the soil, spreading after the rain, and breaking the knot, it will help the emergence of seedlings and strong seedlings as soon as possible. In case of heavy rain, it is necessary to drain the water first, and to take advantage of the cultivator when the time is right. Third, pre-emergence emergency measures are sown too soon, the seeds are rotten and spoiled, and they must be turned in time; in the event of heavy rain, they can be completely soaked under the mulch, and they can break the membranes scattered by the predetermined spacing and take measures to cut the surface and break the knot. In order to prevent seedling difficulties; in case of dryness, timely planting or drilling point seed. Fourth, the lack of seedlings remedial measures After the emergence of cotton seedlings found lack of ridges, according to different circumstances to take corresponding measures. The spacing of seedlings is 30 to 50 cm. It is not necessary to replant the seedlings in the middle. It can be solved by leaving two plants and leaving leaf branches. When the plant spacing is more than 50 cm, the cotton seeds that have been primed can be replanted or transplanted through the buds or belts. Taiwan transplanting and other measures to achieve full seedlings. If the shortage of seedlings in the cotton field exceeds 50%, it is necessary to carry out the planting as soon as possible. V. Breaking through the membranes in time After the emergence of cotton, it is necessary to promptly break the membrane to prevent the occurrence of burns and dead seedlings in case of high temperature and fine weather. Farmers can use the first seedlings to release holes according to the emergence of seedlings. After the cotyledons are unfolded, the whole field can be released.


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