Successful trial of seawater acclimation of GIFT tilapia in Shandong Jiaozhou

Recently, it was learned from the Marine and Fisheries Bureau of Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province that through technical breakthroughs, the seawater acclimation test of Gifford tilapia was successful.

G. fulhus has the advantages of rapid growth, strong disease resistance, high catch-out rate, good meat yield, and tender meat. It is generally suitable for freshwater aquaculture, and it can be used for cages and ponds, and it is well-received by farmers.

This year, based on existing resources, the Jiaozhou Oceanic and Fisheries Bureau has boldly attempted to acclimate the seawater of GIFT tilapia and fish polyculture. At the beginning of July, the shrimp rearing pool was used for seawater acclimation test. A total of 1500 domesticated and 3 dead were found. The survival rate was 99.8%, and the trial achieved a success. At present, 1,497 Gif rich tilapias that have been domesticated successfully have been put into shrimp ponds for polyculture with an average weight of about 300 grams. After two months of breeding, the body weight can reach 500 grams.

The success of the trial can achieve three purposes: first, to improve the quality of tilapia through domestication and to meet the needs of consumers; second, to use tilapia to catch pre-eating sick shrimp to prevent the spread of shrimp disease; and third, to feed the food pool The end of the bait, play a "scavenger" role.

After the project is promoted, it will certainly promote the city's shrimp aquaculture industry to a new level.

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