Aquatic diseases after breeding of sea cucumber

The incidence of the disease is high in the annual autumn and winter season, but the mortality rate of sick sea cucumbers is usually low. At present, this disease is only found in juvenile and ginseng. The affected individuals were normal in appearance, with severe reactions to discharge of the organs, loss of feeding ability after row of organs, loss of body weight, loss of vitality, and secondary infection caused by other pathogens. Microscopic examination and histopathological analysis showed that the ciliate was parasitized on the respiratory tree of sea cucumber, and there were a large number of parasitic parasites inside and outside the respiratory tree capsule. The head of the parasite can penetrate into the tissues of the respiratory tree, causing tissue damage and ulceration, and causing the sea cucumbers to drain. According to the results of in vivo microscopy observation combined with scanning electron microscopy and silver leaching, it was initially identified as a species of Boveria sp. in the genus Boveria Stevens. The length of the body is approximately 40-75 μm. The body width is about 20-27μm, and its species name needs further study and determination.

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