"Nongfeng 8" high yield pale cement concrete

The high yield of high-yield and low-grade cement in “Fengfeng No.8” has a high reproduction rate in the following year, and only 1-2 times for ordinary mud louse. In addition, the main advantages of “Agriculture No.8” high-yield and low-grade cement concrete include: 1. Strong adaptability: Water quality and climate requirements are not high, and the incidence is extremely low. Generally, as long as it is properly prevented, it can be free from disease for a lifetime, and there is no risk of large-scale farming. 2, a wide range of feed sources: bean flour, rice bran, cow dung, fly maggots, cockroaches, yellow mealworms, etc. are all its good feed, conditions can also prepare their own mixed feed. 3, feeding and management is simple: feed according to its feeding conditions 1 to 3 times a day along the pool side can be sprinkled, generally do not need to change the water, midsummer one month change of water is only 1-2 times. 4. Rapid growth and breeding: Each female ooze has a spawning rate of more than 7,000 eggs at a time. Fertilized eggs hatch and emerge in 2 days. After breeding for 5-6 months, each weigh up to 200 grams and the largest can reach 300 grams. 5, high economic efficiency: to 50 square meters of water tanks, introduction of 10 kilograms, for example, can produce more than 200 kilograms per year, for the sale of goods can profit a few thousand dollars, such as seedling sales, higher efficiency.

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