The efficacy and effect of Liuweiwei syrup

[Prescription] Scorpion 100g Asparagus 500g Tibet lignan 500g Huangjing 500g Drosera 500g Himalayan purple jasmine 500g Sucrose 2250g Sodium benzoate 9g citric acid 9g Add water to 4500ml

【Properties】 This product is brown-purple liquid; sweet and slightly bitter.

[Functions and Indications] Blood, swelling; for kidney cold, anemia and gynecological diseases.

[Usage and Dosage] Oral, 10 to 15 ml at a time, 2 to 3 times a day.

[Specifications] 100ml per bottle.

[Storage] Closed, placed in a cool dry place.

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Fresh yellow onion and red onion size 60-80mm 70-90mm 90-110mm 10kg/net bag, 20kg/net bag or 25kg/net bag (2019 new crop onion)

Peeled yellow onion and red onion size 60-80mm 70-90mm 90-110mm 10kg / box, 20kg / box, filled with nitrogen, storage time of 90 days.

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Garlic.Ginger.onion.peeled Onion.peeled Garlic.frozen Onion Pieces

garlic.Ginger.onion.peeled onion.peeled garlic.frozen onion pieces

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