Farmyard Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer "Mix" Increased Effect

The scientific and rational collocation of farmyard manure and chemical fertilizers can not only prevent the volatilization of active ingredients, but also significantly improve fertilizer efficiency.

Human fecal urine and ferrous sulfate collocation. Add 500 to 600 grams of ferrous sulfate per 100 kilograms of human excrement to convert ammonium carbonate in human excreta into stable ammonium sulfate, which acts as a nutrient and deodorant to prevent nitrogen from escaping.

Human excrement is paired with superphosphate. Add 5 kg superphosphate per 100 kilograms of human excrement and store for 3 to 10 days after mixing evenly, which can make the highly volatile ammonium carbonate in human excrement and urine convert into ammonium phosphate with stable performance, thus increasing human excrement and urine Phosphorus, phosphorus nitrogen, fertilizer efficiency greatly increased.

Plant ash is paired with superphosphate. Use plant ash 6 kg to soak 30 kg of water, add 2 kg of superphosphate, add 100 kg of water after 6 hours, mix well, and leave the supernatant after spraying to obtain the same fertilizer effect as potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

Stacked manure with ammonium bicarbonate. The weeds, crop straws, and leaves are crushed into pieces, 0.5% to 1% of ammonium bicarbonate is added and human feces and urine are piled together, and then the mixture is covered with mud, and after full decomposed, high-efficiency biopotassium fertilizers can be obtained. .

Manure and calcium superphosphate. Adding 20% ​​of superphosphate and mix well in livestock dung from the livestock circle will not only prevent nitrogen from leaching out of manure, but also accelerate the decomposed process of manure and increase the content of available phosphorus.

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