Ten points for top dressing of crops

The top dressing of crops outside the roots has a fast effect on fertilizers, a high utilization rate, and a saving of fertilizers. The effect is remarkable, and it is simple and easy to implement. However, to be scientific and reasonable, to avoid wastage and cause damage, we must master the following 10 points:

1. To "prescribe the right medicine": According to crop and soil fertility conditions, in accordance with the principle of missing what supplement to spray. If the seedlings are thin and yellow, which means nitrogen deficiency, nitrogen injection should be the main method; if the growth of the seedlings is weak, the mixture of nitrogen and phosphorus should be the main solution; if the seedlings are long, the phosphorus and potassium mixture should be sprayed .

2. Scientific selection of fertilizer varieties: Select suitable foliar spray fertilizers such as urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, borax, and zinc sulfate. Some volatile, insoluble, chloride-containing fertilizers are not suitable for foliar application, such as ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer.

3. The spraying concentration should be appropriate: According to the type of fertilizer, top dressing fertilizer should be based on the type of fertilizer to determine the appropriate spraying concentration: such as urea 1% -3%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.3% -0.5%, borax 0.1% -0.2%, sulfuric acid Zinc 0.2%-0.3%, ammonium molybdate 0.03%-0.05%, superphosphate 2% -3% leachate, ammonium sulfate 0.2% -0.3%.

4. The amount of spray liquid should be sufficient: The specific dosage should be determined according to the type of crop and its different growth period. The general requirement is that the fertilizer solution is destined to flow from the leaf surface, but it is not suitable to flow. Generally, the amount of manure fluid is 50-70 kg per 1/15 hectare, and it is sprayed 3 to 5 times throughout the growing period, 7-10 days apart.

5. Appropriate site for spraying: absorption capacity of leaves, new leaves stronger than old leaves. Monocotyledonous plants such as rice, wheat and other leaves, leaf dorsal stomatal similar, and easy to stick liquid fertilizer leaves, should be the front of the sprayer is better; dicotyledonous plants such as melons, soybeans, cotton and other stomatal stomata On the leaf surface, and the sponge tissue on the back of the leaves is strong enough to attract fertilizer, the front and back of the leaf should be sprayed.

6. To spray at the critical period when the crop needs fertilizer: Different crops have different fertilization periods for various fertilizers and should be flexible. Such as rice, wheat should be sprayed after full bloom; soybean, peanut, rape should be sprayed at the beginning of flowering and full flowering; corn, sorghum should be sprayed during the filling period; sweet potatoes, potatoes should be sprayed during fruit expansion.

7. To select the fertilizer application time: The top dressing is performed well in humid weather. Sunny days should be sprayed before 10 o'clock in the morning or after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Cloudy weather can be sprayed all day.

8. A multi-effect spray: The spraying of two or more fertilizers and pesticides can improve the effect and save fertilizers, but when mixing, care should be taken not to use fertilizers that are acidic and alkaline and susceptible to antagonism. Pesticides are mixed together.

9. Fertilizer spraying should be even and thorough: Generally, the fertilizer is mostly in the form of solids, and it should be fully stirred during application to allow it to completely dissolve. Spraying should be even and thorough, do not leak spray, and can not be repeated, so as not to cause damage. If yellow spots and focal edges appear on the leaves, normal growth of the crop will be affected.

10. Adding active agents: Neutral active agents (such as neutral soap and washing powder) can be used to reduce the surface tension of the fertilizer solution, which facilitates the spreading and deepening of the fertilizer solution and improves the spraying effect.

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