Fume hood selection

The fume hood is not a separate piece of equipment and changes in the external environment can affect the performance of the fume hood. At the same time, the fume hood and its control system can also affect the environment around him, when you choose the fume hood:
First of all: the factors of the whole system must be taken into consideration, such as the space of the laboratory, the ventilation control system of the building, the arrangement of the exhaust pipe and the placement of the fume hood. Second : You need to determine which type of fume hood is required. When choosing, you can usually measure by:
Upper cabinet part:
There are three styles: standard, desktop, and floor-standing.
Whether the surface wind speed of the fume hood meets the safe wind speed requirements specified by international standards: 0.5m /s (International standards stipulate: only the surface wind speed has reached 0.5m /s can effectively capture the harmful gases in the cabinet).
The opening height of the fume hood is suitable for your operating space.
Ventilation control system: constant air volume, variable air volume or adaptive control system.
Lining material: anti-double board, solid core physico-chemical board, medium-density outer physico-chemical board and so on.
Whether the raw material of the adjusting door adopts reinforced tempered glass, whether the design conforms to the human body mechanics and makes the operator pull freely.
Countertop part:
Whether the countertop uses a safe dish design makes it easy for users to clean the countertop and prevent leakage of toxic liquids.
Whether the material of the countertop meets the requirements of your experiment and resists the corresponding corrosion and high temperature.
Is there a cup slot or sink installed and the location is reasonable?
Whether the design of the air outlet is reasonable.
Base cabinet part:
Whether the material is sturdy and durable, whether it is fireproof material, whether it can resist the corrosion of the laboratory acid and alkali environment.
Whether the power supply is reasonable and safe.
Is it easy to repair water, electricity and gas systems?
Whether the base cabinet needs a pumping design so that you can place volatile drugs.
Once you have basically selected the model, style and size of the fume hood, you can determine what you need based on the following conditions.

4. Accessories:
Water source: distilled water, pure water or reverse osmosis water.
Source of gas: nitrogen, oxygen or air.
The choice of electrical system should be considered: model, voltage, riot, durability and so on.
For aesthetic reasons, is it necessary to seal the board?

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