Dairy cattle management is essential

1. Appropriate amount of night food: Dairy cows are ruminants, which have a large feed intake and fast digestion. In addition to feeding enough fodder during the day, they should also feed the right amount of fodder at around 10:00, but they should not be too much, so as to avoid causing Indigestion, then let it drink enough water, drinking water to make it cool in winter and cool in summer. This will not only meet the needs of dairy cows for physical energy consumption, but also enhance their resilience and significantly increase milk production.

2. Brush cow body at night: At about 10:00 every night, before the milking, brush the cow body from top to bottom and brush it once from front to back. This will not only keep the cow body fur clean and bright, but also Can promote blood circulation, regulate body temperature, make cows comfortable overnight, can increase milk production.

3, extend the lighting time: white fluorescent lighting can be used, so that the light from the original 9 to 10 hours, extended to 13 to 14 hours, this can increase the cow's feed utilization, milk production also increased.

4, to keep quiet at night: cows like a quiet environment, especially at night afraid of disturbing. Sudden surprise at night can lead to decreased milk production and increased milk acidity.

5, pay attention to the night of warm and cold: the cow's most suitable ambient temperature is 8 °C ~ 21 °C. In winter, care should be taken to keep it warm and cold during the night and cool down in the summer.

6, to strengthen the breast massage: Many dairy farms have the habit of milking once in the evening, if you insist on using warm water to massage the cow's breasts before milking, milk production can increase about 10%.

7, to sleep mattresses good: cows lying on the bed for a long time at night, if you let it lie on the wet and hard ground all night, not only affect the milk production, but also easily lead to the occurrence of certain diseases. Therefore, every night after milking the cows, the manure should be cleaned, and then a layer of soft grass should be placed on the cows to make them sleep in a clean and dry environment.

8, increase the night activities: conditional cattle farmers at about 12 o'clock in the evening can be cows rushed to the outdoor venue activities on the 1 hour or so, but do not go out in bad weather, this can increase the ability of dairy cows to digest, increase appetite, Increase milk production.

9, do a good night observation: most dairy cows have started estrus at night, keepers should seize the key moments of the second half of the night, carefully check the cow's estrus, rest, breathing, mental status, etc., find problems in a timely manner to prevent observation Inadequate milk production caused by the prolonged period of the cows, affecting milk production.


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