Agricultural Machinery Repair and Maintenance

Agricultural machinery is a specialized production tool with high technical content and relatively complex structure. Generally, the working conditions of the operation are rather poor, and the technical level of use of the operators is different from that of professional knowledge. At the same time, as a production tool, with the extension of the service life, the mechanical parts will also cause the deterioration of the use performance due to normal wear, affecting the normal use. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of this part of the agricultural machinery can not be used.

Maintenance and repair can be roughly divided into two parts. One part is technical maintenance, that is, reasonable maintenance, routine maintenance, regular maintenance, and correct operation of the machine during the use of the machine. This can extend the service life of the machine. Machine tool application effect; the other part is repair, that is, repair contents that can't be solved by the operator's own conditions and means, such as the repair or replacement of the major parts of the machine tool, the use of a medium-term, overhaul, and test adjustment after a certain period of time. And so on, it is necessary to go to a special farm machinery maintenance service point and ask the professional to repair it.

1 Technical maintenance of agricultural machinery

The maintenance of agricultural machinery shall follow the principle of “prevention of heavier than control, and raise the weight to repair”, and effectively implement the technical maintenance regulations. The power machinery shall determine the maintenance cycle according to the main fuel consumption, and carry out on time, number, item and technical requirements. Maintenance, to achieve technical maintenance standards, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

The maintenance of agricultural machinery must be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use and the provisions of the local agricultural machinery management department. Advanced maintenance of locomotives should be carried out indoors under the guidance of flight maintenance personnel. Fuel-powered machinery must be leak-proof (no leakage, no leakage, no leakage, no leakage), five nets (oil, water, gas, machinery, tools), six closed (diesel tanks, gasoline tanks, The oil filling port, oil inspection port, carburetor, magneto), intact (technical state intact); supporting agricultural implements must be repaired all year round, so that it can be three-flexible (operation, rotation, flexible lifting), five no (no, no) Blunt, non-deformable, non-corrosive, no missing parts), intact (technical state intact).

2 Maintenance of agricultural machinery

With the development of agricultural machinery towards miniaturization and the rapid increase in the availability of agricultural machinery, the agricultural machinery maintenance market has also been rapidly developed, but at the same time there have also been some negative impacts. Quality disputes and quality accidents frequently occur in the maintenance process, and farmers are infringed upon. The rights and interests. In order to avoid and reduce the occurrence of this situation, in addition to the relevant departments to strengthen the management of the agricultural machinery maintenance market, farmers should also be rational and rational in the maintenance of agricultural machinery, effectively improve self-protection capabilities, and enhance awareness of rights protection.

The overhaul of tractors, automobiles, and internal combustion engines must be undertaken by agricultural machinery repair factories that have the ability to overhaul. The agricultural machinery repairing plant shall ensure that the overhauled locomotive meets the technical and economic indicators such as the power and fuel consumption rate stipulated in the quality acceptance standards, implements the Three Guarantees, and has a definite warranty period. According to the needs of the agricultural machinery operation, the state of the agricultural machinery should be checked regularly to ensure timely repair. Small tractors can be tested regularly and repaired on demand. Maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery also have service quality problems. In order to protect the legitimate interests of farmers, the competent department of agricultural machinery in China, together with the industrial and commercial administrations, has formulated corresponding management and supervision methods for regulating the maintenance behavior of agricultural machinery, strengthening maintenance management, and ensuring the quality of maintenance services. Farmers can choose to provide maintenance services for themselves in accordance with these measures. Units and individual repair houses.

At present, China's maintenance services for agricultural machinery products can be divided into two forms: First, special maintenance service points for agricultural machinery product manufacturers are set up in various places, and they are mainly responsible for the after-sales service and replacement parts repairs of the produced equipment; second, the agricultural machinery authorities jointly The agricultural machinery maintenance units approved by the business administration department all hold special certificates - "qualification certificates for maintenance technology." When farmer's agricultural implements require maintenance services, they first consider the manufacturer's special maintenance service points to carry out maintenance, and secondly consider repair service units that have "repair technology qualification certificates" to repair. If repair quality disputes occur, as long as they are repaired by certified units, they can generally be satisfactorily resolved. In addition, after the agricultural machinery is repaired, the maintenance vouchers and the invoices for the replaced parts must be requested from the repair site. If quality problems occur during the maintenance warranty period, the maintenance vouchers and invoices for the replaced parts should be repaired or replaced. If quality disputes arise, they must go to the local agricultural machinery or technical supervision and management department to make a complaint. When complaints cannot be resolved because of a major quality accident in repairs, they can be sued in the local court to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

When the equipment requires maintenance services, do not seek unlicensed repair service units or self-employed persons. Units and individuals engaged in the maintenance of agricultural machinery, ie, agricultural machinery maintenance personnel, must have corresponding maintenance equipment and testing instruments. After being examined and verified by the county agricultural machinery management department, the company obtains the technical certification and applies for a business license before it can engage in the agricultural machinery maintenance business and must accept it. The agricultural machinery management department conducts annual inspections of its maintenance technical grades and maintenance equipment. Agricultural machinery maintenance personnel must carry out maintenance in accordance with technical standards for agricultural machinery maintenance to ensure the quality of maintenance. Agricultural machinery maintenance technical standards are formulated by the provincial agricultural machinery management department and reported to the provincial technical supervision department for record. The charge standard for the maintenance of agricultural machinery shall be formulated by the provincial price department and the provincial agricultural machinery management department.

Agricultural machinery maintenance points at all levels shall strictly implement the technical rules for the repair of agricultural machinery and the technical standards for repair quality; the agricultural machinery repair factory shall strengthen the management and maintenance of repair equipment, ensure the accuracy of equipment, and increase the utilization of equipment.

The failure of agricultural machinery should be eliminated and repaired in a timely manner. We must not be afraid of spending money to make the machine sick. Please remember that it is dangerous to do so. It is too late to wait for an accident. Therefore, after an abnormality in the use of the equipment, it is necessary to immediately stop the machine, identify the cause and confirm that it has been eliminated before it can be put back into production for operation. When you encounter a failure that you cannot eliminate, you need to find a professional to help solve and repair it.

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