Korean research says: human stem cells can restore guinea pig hearing

A research team in South Korea has announced that a trial using human stem cells to restore the hearing loss of guinea pigs has been successful.

According to South Korea's "East Asia Daily" report, the result published by Jeollanam-do University in South Korea is an animal experiment, but the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cell extracted from human bone marrow. The researchers differentiated these stem cells into neurotrophic cells and transplanted them into the inner ear of guinea pigs. Three months later, the test rats recovered some of the hearing that was previously lost by chemical damage. The researchers said that the focus of research on related research topics is to culture mammalian cochlear hair cells. Although the current trial can confirm that the damaged hearing of the test mouse can be restored, the specific mechanism by which the stem cells work is still unclear.

Experts pointed out that the current results can not be applied to clinical treatment, but human hearing impairment problems will benefit from similar treatment methods. The hearing organs of humans and other mammals lose some of their functions under high-decibel sounds, immune disorders, toxic substances, or aging, and even permanently lose hearing. This process is currently irreversible.

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