Compulsory moulting measures for bamboo chicken breeders

As a rule, all chickens should be eliminated after 72 weeks of age. However, if the market price is better and the new breeder's production cannot meet the supply, the forced moulting method can be used to re-produce it for three months, but the output is not as good as that of the new chicken. Methods as below.
1. Decrease the illumination from 16 hours to 8 hours. No black sheds can only add no light.
2. Stop feeding and gradually reduce material and stop feeding for a few days, only drinking water. After about 10 days, the feathers of the flock are shed, and the light is increased again. The light starts to increase from 8 hours, and the natural light is used for 1 hour per week from 12 to 14 hours of light until it increases to 16 hours. From feed to feed, gradually return to normal feed. When feeding is started, the flock will rush to eat because of long-term hunger and Full Chicken will appear. To solve this problem, sweet potatoes can be placed in the house so that the flock can feed and the digestive system of the chicken can be adapted to the feed condition. Natural moulting takes 3 months, artificial forced moulting only takes 1 month to restore egg production, saving a lot of time.
3. Limit moulting with zinc
More than 20 years ago, zinc was commonly used abroad for forced moulting. Use caution when using:
1 Elimination of sick chickens.
2 30 chickens were weighed before forced moulting and weighed after 4 days. How much weight was reduced, and it was limited to 30% weight loss.
3 The poor chicken population should pay attention to cold.
4 Add zinc to the diet is a better way to reduce the death of chickens and shorten the time of forced moulting. In a 3.5% calcium-containing laying hen diet, 0.025% zinc oxide was uniformly blended and fed continuously for 1 week. From the 8th day onwards, normal zinc-containing diets (0.005% of the diet) were used. . Due to the poor taste of zinc, the breeder ate half of the food on the first day. After 1 week, the feed intake dropped to less than 20% of normal, and the body weight quickly decreased. Egg production dropped sharply and production ceased, moulting began and the moult ended after half a month. After the zinc was stopped, the appetite of the chicken increased, and the egg production gradually increased.

Split chicken is sold in block form, which makes it easier for the public to buy, and also increases sales. Consumers can choose their own tastes according to their preferences.

Chicken protein content is high, and the digestibility is high, it is easy to be absorbed by the human body to take advantage of, have enhanced physical strength, strong body function. Chicken contain to human body development have important phospholipid class, is Chinese dietary structure is one of the most important sources of fats and phospholipids in chicken to malnutrition, chills, afraid of cold, fatigue, menoxenia, anemia, fatigue weakness, have a good diet. According to the Chinese medicine, chicken has the effect of nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen, nourishing the stomach and living blood.

Chicken meat is tender, tasty, and because of its lighter flavor, it can be used in various cuisines. Chicken is not only good for hot stir-fry, stewed soup, but also for cold and cold meat. Chicken has a lot of protein, and in meat, one of the highest protein meat, is a high-protein, low-fat diet.

Chicken sexual flat, warm, taste gan, in the spleen, stomach classics; It can be used to improve the quality of the marrow. It is used for the treatment of weak and weak, low deficiency, dizziness and palpitation, irregular menstruation, lack of milk, thirst, edema, urinary frequency, deafness and tinnitus. Often eating chicken stir-fried flowers can enhance the liver's detoxification function, improve immunity, and prevent colds and scurvy.

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