Grass nest raising meat pigeon, increase income and environmental protection

Grass nest rearing meat pigeons is an environmentally friendly culture method that restores the wild habits of pigeons and satisfies the growth and development needs of the growing environment. According to relevant information, a pair of meat pigeons are raised in grass nests all year round, which can increase production by 1 to 20%.
Grass nest breeding meat pigeon has several advantages: First, the warmth and warming effect in winter is good. Grass nest breeding can reduce the energy consumption of meat pigeons, reduce the cost of warming, improve the embryonic development process, reduce the nesting rate and dead embryo rate of breeders, increase the hatching rate and increase the yield; the second is the good effect of conditioning and humidity control in summer. Rice straw has high water absorption, which can absorb sweat and moisturize. Grass nest breeding not only can effectively control the humidity in the nest, but also can reduce the embryonic water shortage caused by high temperature, increase the survival rate of pigeons out of the shell, and improve the feed utilization rate; It is to restore wild habits and increase propagation coefficient. Because the grass nest breeding meat pigeon is a kind of breeding method to restore the wild habits of pigeons, it can meet the needs of its growth and development to the environment than rags and carpets. Spring and autumn can speed up the production of eggs and raise the rate of hug.
Pigeon nests can not only increase the production of meat pigeons and raise the level of meat pigeon breeding, but also solve the environmental pollution and waste of resources caused by local straw burning. Wuhu Fenglai Meat Pigeon Breeding Association currently organizes more than 20 people to weave pigeon nests. It not only satisfies the needs of the Association members, but also provides a large amount of external supplies. Welcome to the meat pigeon farmers to contact them.

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