Hand pinch seedlings control seedlings crazy long

Squeezing seedlings is a practical technique developed by the vegetable farmers in the production practice. It is mainly used to prevent the seedlings of solanine vegetables from going crazy. The technology does not cost money, no drugs, and is simple and easy to use. Hand-squeezing seedlings in the specific operation method: on the soaring or crazy trend of the eggplant vegetables such as eggplant, pepper, tomato and other plants, down from the top of the seedling (branch), in the third leaf below the internode, Gently pinch with two fingers and let it drain. After the transplanting tissue of the seedlings (shoots) is pinched, they can not transport nutrients upwards, so that the seedlings can be stopped for a long time. After 3 days, the wounded part of the wound healed and the seedlings (branches) were returned to normal growth to form strong seedlings (branches). During this period, most of the weak seedlings, young seedlings, weak branches, and branchlets that have not been pinched around can catch up to the original long seedlings (branches) that were picked up, thus making the seedlings in the whole garden grow consistently.

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