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After entering the 21st century, with the constant improvement of health standards and the arrival of an aging society, as well as the continuous improvement of the health awareness of the whole society, the saccharomyces capsules have caused people to change the traditional medical model. The concept of preventive medicine is gradually recognized and accepted by people. The most important aspect of prevention is to increase immunity.
Anti-emphasis on treatment, focusing on the regulation of physiological functions and enhanced immunity. The special functional edible fungus is a model that humans have recognized to meet this demand. The "obliquitous tubercle bacterium" is the superiority of its superiority, belonging to the genus Notopterygii (formerly called Polyporales), a species of genus Inonotus of the genus Thraustochytrium, in which the polysaccharide content is higher than Ganoderma lucidum. More than times. It has been used abroad for several decades in the prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes and AIDS. It is a hopeful star for effective prevention and treatment of difficult diseases. Jinbaoshen Capsule is a natural, best-quality, slim-pore fungus, imported from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Russia, and other internationally top-end and most advanced microbial engineering technologies and processes, combined with its own patented technology and intellectual property rights, developed by Seiko. And the pure extract. The main active ingredients include: polysaccharides, pigments, flavonoids, triterpenes, inositol (cyclohexanol), lolliosyl alcohol, alkaloids, peptides, nucleosides, etc., and contain a variety of trace elements, can enhance human immunity ability. Easy to use and effective. Details can visit the website or consult.

Lappaconite Hydrobromide

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