Corn Stalks Return Farm Five Note

First, with a green chopped: corn machinery returned to the best choice of mature varieties with green, this kind of corn stalk crisp and easy to cut crushed. For the dry orange cornstalks, it is best to chop two times or to return the cleanliness plants to the field or manually smash them to the field. The length of the cornstalk is about 5cm.

Second, remove the skin "when the corn is brought out of the field, corn peel, soft, such as cloth, shredder is not easy to chop it and it also lingers around the chopper blades, severely affect the cutting effect.

Third, pouring enough water at the end: Corn straw machinery to return to the field with straw stubble, then planting wheat, but also lay the foundation for the cultivation of strong seedlings. Wheat is afraid of being born in the tires, so as to prevent looting or lack of lyrics to form weak seedlings, and to avoid pouring water.

Fourth, increase nitrogen fertilizer: carbon and nitrogen ratio of corn stover is generally 80:1 and microbial decomposition of straw requires a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 25:1. Therefore, appropriate amount of ammonium bicarbonate should be increased by 15 kg/mu in order to prevent microorganisms from competing for nitrogen in the soil and form yellow seedlings.

Fifth, plowing and burying: The chopped corn stalks are scattered evenly in the fields. It is necessary to plow with large tractors, and use small tow to plough deeply. Surface 10 cm should not have straw to ensure the quality of sowing.

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