Roots harvesting preservation: Germany's Shanwei

【Other middle names】 Iris tail [Genus] Iris Iris [Origin] Europe [Farm characters] German Iris is a perennial herb. Plant height 30 to 50 cm. Rhizomes underground, stout, fleshy.
[Rose harvested] The harvested part is a rhizome of German iris. After the beginning of autumn, the plants can be harvested when the aerial parts of the plants are yellow and they enter dormancy. Carefully dig out the roots from the soil and shake off some of the soil. It is also possible to harvest before the plants have germinated in the spring, so that the product quality is better and the production costs are also reduced.
[Grading] The collected bulbous roots should be graded before the typical characteristics of the variety, no obvious damage, and normal germination: 5 to 7 buds per cluster of primary rhizomes; 4 to 6 buds per secondary rhizome; Each cluster has 3 to 5 buds.
[Packaging] First, the same grade and variety of German iris bulbs can be stored in plastic drawers before being placed on the small sacks marked with the variety name.
[Storage Management] The rhizomes can be placed in a sand environment where the relative humidity is 40% to 50% and the temperature is -2 to 2°C.
[Storage period] According to the above method, the rhizome of German iris can usually be stored for 7 to 9 weeks without affecting the future planting.
[Gardening Application] German iris leaves are beautiful and colorful, with high ornamental value. Planting flower gardens and courtyards can also be used to produce cut flowers.
Colonization Tips: German iris is a bulbous flower in autumn, and its rhizome planting time is mainly concentrated from September to November each year.

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