Milk tofu production method

Milk 500ml Soybean (or other beans) 100g Vinegar 50ml Salt 1 tsp Practice:
1. Boil soybeans with salted water and remove them
2. Add milk and green soybeans in a blender and grind them.
3. Pour method (2) into a saucepan and add vinegar and salt, then heat over low heat, and continue to stir to avoid scorching until the bottom of the pan or pot until boiling
4. The method (3) is filtered with a gauze and allowed to stand on the gauze for 2 to 3 minutes. If you want the taste of the tofu to be a bit harder, put it for a few more minutes.
5. Place a layer of plastic wrap in a plastic airtight container, then pour the tofu on the gauze into a container with a spoon and put it in a spoon, place it in a refrigerator, and place it in the refrigerator.

1. Milk tofu can be eaten alone or together with other foods
2. In the soup (4) filtered out, adding honey or sugar, it becomes a delicious drink (Fang Bingchu Li Lei)

Selenium-enriched Rice grows selenium-rich rice by selenium supplementation when rice is grown. It is a functional agricultural product and is a food rich in selenium with high nutritional value.
Selenium is an indispensable trace element to maintain the normal function of the human body. Selenium deficiency in the human body can lead to various diseases. Modern scientific research proves that selenium has anti-oxidation, enhances human immunity, effectively removes harmful garbage, promotes human health, and delays aging.

Se-enriched Rice

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