Crop straw breeding buffalo technology

I. Breeding characteristics of buffaloes China's buffaloes belong to swamp buffalo. In 1997, the population reached 23.5 million heads. Adult buffaloes generally weighed 400-450 kg. One lactating period produced 800 kg milk, and the milk fat percentage was 8-12%. After 60-80 days of labor, the net meat rate is 35-43%. Buffalo is particularly resistant to roughage and can feed a large amount of roughage. In southern China, buffalo can use a large amount of straw, grass, water grass and even shrubs as the main roughage resources. Daily dry matter intake of buffalo can be calculated as 97.4 g of dry matter per kilogram of metabolic body weight; metabolic energy needs to be maintained at 523 kilojoules per kilogram of body weight; metabolic energy required for labor is required for one hour of labor per kilogram of body weight Calculated at 10 kilojoules; daily buffalo digestible protein needs to be calculated at 2.54 g/kg body weight.
Second, feeding buffalo stalk diet (1) labor buffalo diet; a weight of 550 kg, buffalo bear moderate workload (do not require weight gain), can be fed daily 9.8 kg of straw, steamed bun 0.1 kg and 0.1 kg of urea, Eating 10 kg of dry matter, the metabolic energy of 81 megajoules, protein of 663 grams, 21 grams of calcium and 16 grams of phosphorus, that can meet the nutritional needs of their labor.
(2) Diet for lactating water buffalo: A young buffalo with a body weight of 350 kg in the first lactation period, such as 4 kg of milk per day, can feed hay or ammoniated straw 6.1 kg, corn flour 2.2 kg, and urea 100 g daily. With steamed bone flour 50 grams, 8.4 kilograms of dry matter can be eaten, metabolic energy of 88 trillion joules, total protein 1081 grams, calcium 34 grams, phosphorus 26 grams, to meet the nutritional needs of maintaining its normal lactation.
(3) Diet for buffalo buffalo: A fattening buffalo with a weight of 400 kg and a daily weight gain of 1 kg can feed 1.24 kg of ammoniated straw, 7 kg of barley grain and 30 g of limestone powder. 8.3 kilograms, metabolic energy of 87 trillion coke, total protein 818 grams, calcium 20 grams and phosphorus 19 grams, to meet their daily weight gain one kilogram of nutritional needs.
(4) Diet for pregnant buffalo: A young buffalo with a body weight of 400 kg and a daily gain of 500 g for 3 months after pregnancy can feed 6.25 kg of hay or ammoniated straw, 800 g of cottonseed husk and 520 g of rye grain. 400g sugar cane molasses, 80g urea and 50g diammonium phosphate, daily intake of dry matter 8.1kg, metabolic energy up to 67 MJ, total protein 647g, calcium 23g and phosphorus 18g, you can maintain it Nutritional needs in late pregnancy.

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