Skin Whitening Face Lifting 4D Mono Thread Pdo

  • Model NO.: YX-HNZB-007
  • Theory: IPL
  • Portable: Portable
  • Gauge: 25g,26g,27g,28g,29g,30g
  • Trademark: OEM
  • Origin: Heze
  • Type: IPL Skin Rejuvenation
  • Application: Hospital
  • Remover Constructure: Monofilament
  • Used for: Application: Hospital,Beauty Clinics
  • Specification: CE
PDO Thread Lift is the latest and revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting as well as V-shaping the face. These threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone) material which is similar to the threads used in surgical stitches. The threads are absorbable and therefore will be reabsorbed in 4-6 months time leaving nothing behind but the skin structure created which continues to hold for another 15-24 months.


Single, Double, Screw, Knot, COG Thread , Blunt & sharp needle kit

Thread Size

PDO thread USP5/0,6/0,7/0

Thread Length


Needle Length


Needle Size

Needle Length
Thread Size
Thread Length

65MM USP 6/0 94MM
26G 90MM USP 6/0 120MM
28G 35MM USP 6/0 34MM
28G 45MM USP 6/0 54MM
28G 55MM USP 6/0 74MM
28G 65MM USP 6/0 94MM
28G 90MM USP 6/0 90MM
29G 38MM USP 6/0 60MM
29G 60MM USP 6/0 60MM
30G 25MM USP 7/0 40MM
30G 38MM USP 7/0 60MM


Detail Product Code
Gauge Needle Length Thread Length

Cog threads
23G (USP 4/0) 50MM 90MM DC-23G-50
60MM 90MM DC-23G-60
70MM 100MM DC-23G-70
80MM 130MM DC-23G-80




Therapeutic heating pads usually operate from household current and must have protection against overheating.

A moist Heating Pad is used dry on the user's skin. These pads register temperatures from 76 to 82 °C (169 to 180 °F) and are intended for deep tissue treatment and can be dangerous if left on unattended. Moist Heating Pads are used mainly by physical therapists but can be found for home use. A moist cloth can be added with a stupe cover to add more moisture to the treatment.

Image as below:

heating pad

Therapeutic Heating Pad

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