Peanut post-production increase measures

At present, the growth of peanuts has reached a period of lush growth. If the management is negligent in the later period, it will grow wild or spend too much time. Peanuts in the later period of production must seize three steps: First, it is necessary to curb growth. A prosperous plot can be sprayed with paclobutrazol, chlormequat or an increasing production spirit per acre within 30 days after flowering. In addition to the amount of pesticides prescribed according to the specification, it is also determined by the growth of fields and plots. Be regular. Second, the top dressing outside the root, increase fruit full grain. At the end of July and early August, 50-500g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate is sprayed per acre. Top dressing should be carried out after 5:00 pm. If the growth is weak, 1% urea can be added to prevent premature aging. Third, control of leaf spot. The occurrence of leaf spot disease in peanuts severely reduced production by more than 30%. Control methods: Use 50% carbendazim 1000 times solution, spray from the early stage of disease, spray once every 10-15 days, 60 kg each time, 3 times in a row. Or use 1:2:200 Bordeaux liquid 1000 times spray, spray once in 10-15 days, has a good effect on the control of leaf spot disease. China Agricultural Network Editor

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