Vegetable vinegar can increase production

Vinegar contains not only amino acids, but also glycerol, aldehyde compounds and various salts. After vinegar is sprayed on vegetables, the chlorophyll content can be accelerated, the utilization of light energy can be increased, the ability to absorb nutrients can be enhanced, the accumulation of organic matter can be increased, the leaf growth can be accelerated, and the fruit enlargement can be increased, thereby increasing the yield and quality of vegetables. The specific method is: leaf vegetables from the Dingmiao to harvest spray 4 to 5 times is appropriate, tomatoes, cucumbers before flowering and hanging fruit spray 3-4 times, each time intervals of about 10 days. Spraying concentration: low temperature in early spring, evaporation is small, suitable for 250-300 times liquid; early summer to late autumn high temperature, evaporation, it is appropriate to use 300-500 times liquid. Spraying is best done at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, the leaves absorb vinegar quickly, the utilization rate is high, and the effect is good. Every time spraying, the good vinegar should be sprayed evenly on the leaves of the vegetables. Not drip for degree.

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