The measures of pest control measures for Agrocybe aegerita

Agrocybe aegerita pest control measures points Agrocybe aegerita commonly known as tea mushroom, delicious, crisp and delicious, but also has a good health effect, is one of the delicious and rare edible fungus, in recent years, the cultivation area of ​​our province is larger, but in During the cultivation process, due to the special sweetness and sweetness of Agrocybe aegerita, it is easy to cause a variety of pests. The pests that injure Agrocybe aegerita are mainly mosquitoes, fruit flies, collembola, and ticks. Seriously caused a serious loss. Now, the author introduces the measures that have achieved good results in the prevention and control of the past few years for your reference. The prevention and treatment of pests of Agrocybe aegerita should be combined with prevention and treatment, and prevention should be the main method, supplemented by treatment, and integrated control. 1. Cultivation sites (egg sheds, mushroom houses) are far away from chicken coops, pig sheds, cattle sheds, storage food feeds and food establishments, because these places are mostly in the summer, autumn, autumn, autumn, mosquitoes, and flies. Eggs are laid on cultivated materials, and they are immersed into larvae to injure the hyphae when they are put into bags. 2. Doors and windows of conditional mushroom houses and mushroom sheds shall be sealed with 60 mesh screens or insect nets in advance so as to prevent adult insects from entering. Remove weeds and sundries around the mushroom house, mushroom shed, and internal weeds, and reduce hidden sites for adult insects. Spray 80% dichlorvos 800-1000 dilution within 2 cm of the mushroom shed and mushroom house to kill adult and larvae. 3, old mushroom shed, mushroom house to be thoroughly cleaned, remove waste, residue, away from the mushroom shed, mushroom house buried or incinerated, in the cultivation bag before moving into the mushroom shed, mushroom house, using 50% high efficiency cypermethrin diluted with water 1000 - - 1500 times or 80% of dichlorvos emulsified with water diluted 1000 - 1500 times spray again. 4, before the mix of cotton seed husk exposure 1 - 2 days, kill some eggs, maggots, do not use mildew, rice bran, wheat husk, the same day the day of the day stuffing into the stove atmospheric pressure sterilization, 100 °C Keep 12 - 14 hours. The culture material cannot stay overnight, otherwise it will be easily rancid, and it is easy to cause adult mosquitoes to lay eggs in the material. 5. The mosquitoes and flies larvae and ticks were found in the unopened bags. The surface of the bag was pierced with small holes. The mushroom house was sealed and sterilized with 56% aluminum phosphide tablets. One tablet was sealed for every 1-3 cubic meters. Day, completely eliminate larvae in the bag. 6, mosquitoes and flies larvae, fleas were found in the fruiting period bag, if the original base, young bud growth period, can be diluted with 2000% of 50% beta-cypermethrin water or edible fungus insecticide (I type) diluted with water 2000 Times, spray material surface, pockets and mushroom room space, kill mosquitoes and flies larvae, adults, aphids. 7. Each mushroom should be sealed and fumigated with aluminum phosphide for 2 days after spraying, or the special insecticide (type I) for edible fungi or beta cypermethrin should be sprayed to completely kill pests. The method of use is the same as above. 8, Note: 1 fruiting body growth period, can not spray, because the growth of Chaga mushroom fruiting body fast, from the bud growth to picking as long as 6 - 8 days, spraying will cause human poisoning. 2 The barrel must be thrown away, away from the mushroom house, buried or burned. 3 Dichlorvos, beta-cypermethrin, edible insecticides (type I), and aluminum phosphide have a good lethal effect on mosquitoes, flies, larvae, adults, and cockroaches. They do not harm the hyphae, but dichlorvos and aluminum phosphide. Kill the Apocynaceae Primordium, young buds, and fruit bodies to make them sticky and rot. Beta-cypermethrin, a special insecticide for edible fungi (type I), does not harm the primordium buds and fruiting bodies. Therefore, we must use these pesticides rationally.


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