Pear Anniversary Prevention and Treatment of Insect Calendars

In recent years, pests and diseases in pear orchard have become more and more serious. Pestillitis, black spot disease, brown spot disease, pear hibiscus, red spider, pear nettle and Other pests all have aggravating potential. Each pear garden must be highly regarded, and strict Add control. Spraying must be timely and thoughtful. I. Clear Garden: In the early March, when the buds sprouted, the collected pests and branches and litter were collected and burned to scrape the lesions on the trunk of the old tree. Spraying waves of 5 degrees lime sulfur on sunny days without wind can also spray crystal lime sulfur 15 times. Second, the spraying period of growth: 1, 1 to 2 days before flowering (about the end of March): control of aphids, pear scab, pear rust and so on. Insect killing star 3000 times +50% carbendazim 800% +20% triadimem 1500 times + boron fertilizer 0.2%; 2. 1 to 2 days after anthesis (about mid-April): control of aphids, scab, wheel Streak disease, rust and so on. Use net 2000 times + DuPont Fuxing 10000 times + 20% Triadimefon 1200 times. 3, young fruit (about the end of April): anti-feeding pests, pear black spot disease, Chinese pear hibiscus and so on. With speed killing Ding 2000 times + Spray 1500 times + Urea 0.3% + Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2%. 4, young fruit (about the beginning of May): Prevention of pear hibiscus and various diseases. Kill 2,000 times with insects, 1000 times with trichlorfon and 8000 times with Dupont, and NPK fertilizer. After the spraying, the fruit can be bagged. 5, young fruit (about mid-May): Prevention of pear hibiscus, red spider and various diseases. Sprayburn 1000 times + good winter 1500 times + 80% of big students 800 times + NPK fertilizer. 6, young fruit (about the end of May): prevention and treatment of various diseases. Use 1000 times or 1:1:240 times more Bordeaux mixture. 7. Young fruit period (about the end of May): Anti-aridwood, moth and various diseases. Sneeze net 800 times + speed culling 1000 times + spray grams 800 times + NPK fertilizer. 8, young fruit period (about mid-June): anti pear wood hoe, moth, black spot and other pests and diseases. The DuPont Fuxing Star is 4000 times or the world height is 2000 times + cypermethrin 2000 times + NPK fertilizer. 9, strong fruit period (about the end of June and early July when the plum): stab moth, red spider and various diseases. Spray triazophos 1000 times + Nissoran 1500 times + Spray 1000 times + NPK fertilizer. 10. Strong Fruit Fertilizer (July and mid-July, early-season and other early-maturing varieties, about 15 days before pre-harvest): Prevention of Pygnet, red spider and so on. Kill 1000 times of Pinus chinensis + 2000 times of sweep and 2,000 times of World High + NPK fertilizer. 11, the fruit mature period (from the end of July to early August early harvest after harvest, yellow before harvest): Red spider, pear nets and other. Sprayed phoxim 800 times + net 2000 times + carbendazim 800 times + NPK fertilizer. 12, after harvest (in late August): Red spider, pear net and so on. Spray triazophos 1000 times + Nissorange 1500 times + Trichoderma 1000 times + NPK fertilizer. 13. After harvesting (mid-September and mid-September): stab-resistant moths, red spiders, pear nets, etc. Spout Tai Seng 700 times + trichlorfon 800 times + cypermethrin 2000 times + NPK fertilizer.

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