How to breed calla lily with seeds

Calla lily is a more valuable flower, its flowers, leaves have a high ornamental value, but the calla lily in the north generally use the ramets method of breeding, the reproduction rate is low. According to the author's experience, calla lily in the north can be bred with seeds, and the reproduction rate is high. Each inflorescence can seed about 250 seeds, and the germination rate and survival rate is above 90%. The method is as follows: From early February to late April, choose white, robust, large calla lily varieties and adopt artificial pollination method: in horseshoe When the lotus is opened, tear the bracts gently without damaging the tissue, so that the pistil at the bottom of the spikes is completely exposed. Pollination should be sufficient. In order to ensure successful pollination, pollination can be performed once a day for 2 to 3 consecutive times. Pollination should be selected cross-pollen, during this period must control the temperature, about 20 °C during the day, about 10 °C at night, bogey temperature is too high. About 15 days after pollination, the ovary increased significantly. It matured in two months or so. The fruit was spike-like and orange-yellow. Like a small pineapple, it was washed away, dried and stored in a dry and ventilated place. Seeding is started in early August. It is best to germinate before sowing, soaking with hot water at about 70°C. Pour water after cooling, cover with a few layers of damp cloth, keep moist and rinse with water every two days. About 15 days, buds are planted on the prepared seedbed or shallow pot, and the soil covers the seeds. Pay attention to proper shading, the humidity should be greater, the temperature should not be too high, so that about a week or so seedlings will grow to the surface, and later can be managed according to the general management method of calla lily. China Agricultural Network Editor

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