Ways to avoid hollow radish

Radish hollows affect the yield, quality and economic benefits of radish. Here are some ways to prevent radishes hollow: 1. Pay attention to balance the water supply. The requirements for soil water content in the radish growth and development stage are generally 60%--80%, especially when the radish roots are swollen, when the soil water supply is insufficient or when drought occurs, it is easy to cause hollow, so the water supply should be balanced, when the soil When the water content is lower than the above requirement, it is necessary to water properly. 2. Scientific application of boron fertilizer. Boron fertilizer can promote a big radish. From the radish sprouts grow 2 pieces - 3 pieces of real leaves to the first half of harvest before the harvest, spraying boron once every 20 days, each mus of 150 grams of borax or boric acid 100 grams, first dissolved in a small amount of warm water After the water 60 kg - 75 kg evenly sprayed, spray time is appropriate in the evening. 3. Paclobutrazol application. Paclobutrazol has the function of controlling overgrowth of plants and reasonably regulating the distribution and operation of photosynthetic products in plants. In the radish plant growth period, mu 15 grams of 15% paclobutrazol wettable powder, 50 kg of water evenly sprayed, non-growing fields generally can be used once. China Agricultural Network Editor

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