Dim environment fatten rabbit effect

Rabbits undergo long-term artificial domestication. Although they have undergone great changes in body size, appearance and quality, they have developed certain habits in the wild (such as nocturnal release, fear of panic, etc.). It still remains. Long-term production practice has proved that: Meat rabbits gain weight faster in a dimly lit environment. Under the same husbandry and management standards, rabbits raised for six months in darkened rabbit cages each had an average weight gain of 250-350 grams per rabbit compared to rabbits raised in light-filled rabbit cages. In the dim light conditions, the meat rabbits are in a darker, quieter environment throughout the day, changing the daytime sleepiness, do not want to eat, the habit of active at night, day and night food consumption is more balanced. In addition, meat rabbits live in a dim environment, the external sound, light and other animal activities have little effect on meat rabbits, meat rabbits are not easily frightened, and emotions are relatively stable. As a result, meat rabbits have increased food intake, improved digestive rates, and increased growth rates. It is a simple and effective technical measure that meat rabbits are fattened in a dark environment. It is worth promoting. Because meat rabbits do not receive sufficient sunlight for a long period of time, in order to ensure the healthy growth of meat rabbits, the following two points need to be noted: First, do a good job in cleaning the cages to prevent the occurrence and spread of various diseases; Nutrition should be comprehensive. China Agricultural Network Editor

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