8 steps to use tattoo machine --RedTOP Tattoo

1.Put on the latex gloves before you set up the tattoo machine. If you are working daily around tattoo machines, you should always be wearing latex gloves to ensure bacteria isn't transferred to the parts of the tattoo gun. Plug in the power cord of the tattoo machine to start setting it up. 2. Decide which foot is your dominant foot, so you can use it to put pressure on the pedal to generate the power for the tattoo machine's needle to start working. Set the tattoo machine foot pedal next to this foot. The pedal on a tattoo machine is the root of the power supply, so every time you press your foot down on it, it makes the tattoo needle go up and down. When you take the pressure from your foot off of the pedal, the needle stops working. 3. Plug in the power cord to this pedal. Plug the other power cord running out of the pedal back to the tattoo machine. 4. Attach the new, sterilized needle out of a fresh package to the tattoo gun. The needle attaches to a screw inside the tip of the tattoo machine, and once secured, the needle will protrude out a little bit. Make sure it is on as tightly as possible. Always use brand-new sterilized needles out of the package, which come in various sizes and for different uses. For example, some are used for filling in color while others are used for outlines. Make sure the needles are brand new and have no defects such as chips or scratches. 5.Prepare the various tattoo inks in a separate jar within reach. Use the container already supplied, or use a palate plate where the inks can be poured into individual casings. 6. Plug the tattoo gun cord into the pedal. From here on out, be very cautious around the tattoo machine, because any pressure on the pedal will turn on the tattoo gun. 7.Apply pressure with your foot to the tattoo machine pedal as you are pressing into the skin of where you are applying the tattoo. Move the tattoo needles slowly and carefully on the flesh whether you are doing an outline or filling in color. Keep your hand steady and put pressure around the skin where you are applying the tattoo so you can pull it taut and make sure all the lines are even and straight. After each time you draw a line, use a soft cloth to wipe the excess ink off before proceeding. 8.Clean the tattoo and apply Vitamin D ointment to it once you are finished. Make sure the client knows the proper care procedure to clean and take care of his tattoo.

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