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The main point of Shennong bio-organic fertilizer is saving time, labor, money, and economic benefits; reducing chemical fertilizer use, improving soil, and environmental protection benefit; improving crop resistance and quality of agricultural products is a green fertilizer that benefits the country and the people. (1) Product varieties: 1. Bio-organic fertilizer (Guangpu fertilizer, vegetable fertilizer, flower fertilizer, melon and fruit fertilizer, fruit tree fertilizer, lawn fertilizer, tea fertilizer, Chinese herbal fertilizer, potato fertilizer, onion garlic fertilizer), 2, bio-organic Fertilizer raw materials, 3, biological strains, 4, organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, 5, biotechnology transfer. (2) Product indicators: 1. Main indicators of bio-organic fertilizer: total nutrient ≥ 48%, organic matter ≥ 30%, humic acid ≥ 10%, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ≥ 4%, beneficial bacteria ≥ 200 million/gram, rich in 16 Trace elements. 2. The main indicators of organic materials: organic matter ≥ 50%, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ≥ 4%, beneficial bacteria ≥ 0.5 billion / gram, rich in 16 kinds of trace elements. 3, organic fertilizer strain contains ≥ 10 million / g, rich in amino acids, trace elements. 4. The main indicators of organic organic-inorganic compound fertilizer: (nitrogen + phosphorus + potassium) ≥ 18%, organic matter ≥ 20%, humic acid ≥ 10%, beneficial bacteria ≥ 0.5 million/g. In 1995, the fertilizer won the gold medal of scientific and technological achievements in the “National Third Technology Product Exhibition” sponsored by the National Science and Technology Commission, the China Association of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts; in the year 99, it was awarded “International Pesticide, Feed, and Agriculture”. The Gold Medal of Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Achievements Fair; Gold Medal of Excellence in International Scientific and Technological Achievements and Product Promotion Expo for Agricultural and Animal Husbandry in 2001; Certified as Aa Grade Green Food Production Material by China Green Food Development Center in 2002; Environmental Protection in China in 2002 The General Directorate is certified as organic food production materials.

New Grip is those grips new arrival or design by us,such as our original design Hummingbird Tattoo Grips.

Grips can be made of materials like stainless steel, plastic, aluminium, silicon, etc. Tattoo grips are used in together with

tube stems to form the grip that you hold a Tattoo Machine with. Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips require an autoclave to

properly sterilize. A barrier method to keep the tattoo grip clean like a tattoo machine bag can be used, however, it

is still necessary to properly sterilize all grips & tubes and needles via an autoclave if the intention is to reuse these products.

Silica Gel Tattoo Grips

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