Methods for improving the use of microbial pesticides

Microbial pesticides refer to agents that use living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses to prevent, destroy, or control one or more pests that harm agricultural and forestry production. It has the advantages of safety to humans and animals, no pesticide residues, no drug resistance, no environmental pollution, etc. It is being widely used in the production of pollution-free agricultural products. However, improper storage and use can result in poor application. Grasp the following aspects of the use of points, can improve the control effect of microbial pesticides. First, scientific custody. Microbial pesticides are living preparations and must be stored in closed, low temperature, ventilated, and dry places. Do not mix with germicides, antivirals, and alkaline substances. Otherwise, it will easily lead to the death of living organisms and reduce their efficacy. Second, look at the drug. When the temperature is in the range of 10-27°C, as the temperature rises, the feed intake and body absorption of pests increases, and bacterial spores or viruses enter the pests, resulting in rapid reproduction and high toxicity, prompting the pests to die more quickly. Therefore, the use of biological pesticides in cloudy days from May to September or cloudy days and sunny afternoons can significantly improve the effectiveness. Third, symptomatic use of pesticides. The scope of application of biological pesticides is relatively narrow, with strict selectivity. For example, kasugamycin only controls rice blast, and Lubao 1 only controls dodder. Therefore, according to the main pests and diseases that occurred in the local area at the time, symptomatic use of drugs can only achieve ideal results. Fourth, appropriate medication in advance. After the use of biological pesticides, the control effect is slightly slower than that of chemical pesticides. It is necessary to strengthen pest and disease prediction and use them 3-5 days earlier than chemical pesticides. In the period from the hatching of eggs to the second instar of larvae, the fungicide was sprayed when the diseased leaf rate was 5% at the initial stage of disease. Fifth, use the correct method of application 1, suitable concentration, scientific interval. Bacterial insecticides generally use 2200-2500 grams of bacterial powder per hectare with a live spore count of 10 billion billion per gram. Large populations of insects, overlapping generations, inconsistent worm ages, large doses per unit area, and short intervals. Bacillus thuringiensis controls Plutella xylostella, and the cabbage butterfly is separated by 10-15 days, and the control of S. bracteatum is separated by 5-6 days. 2, spray evenly. Biological pesticides are mainly based on stomach poisons, even spraying can increase control efficiency. Before the powder is used, the amount of the drug is weighed, and a small amount of water is added to stir it into a paste. Then the required amount of water is added; the emulsion is shaken well before use, and the required amount of water is 750-1000 kg per hectare. can. Adding 0.1% detergent powder, saponin, or tea powder to the solution as an adhesive helps to increase the spraying effect. 3, the correct formula, mixed use. Biopesticides are highly targeted for insecticides and disease prevention. Pesticide compounding can broaden the scope of application and increase efficacy, especially in the case of gluttonous pests. However, it should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides and organic organophosphorus insecticides, and it must not be mixed with fungicides and antivirals. In the mixed use of the formula, it should be used with the use, not long put.

Franctional Co2 Laser for scar removal(Co2 Laser Machine)

Treatment Principle

This product is due to small size,light weight ,easy to carry,suitable for mobile protable treatment, Co2 laser divergence angel small, good direction,high energy density through focused ,up to several kilowatts per square cemtimeter of power. Medical can be used to vaporize tissue lessions, burning or cutting tissue lesions, so the co2 laser treatment, also known as laser knife. The focus of original beam irradiation without tumor tissue, can produce coagulation , Co2 laser is the wavelength of 10.6nm infrared light penetrates tissue deeper. After irradiation by the beam expander can be therapy for deep tissue heating. Co2 laser desktop swithching power supply technology with advanced. Non-polar power conditioning circuit. Power adjustable,antomatic overcurrent protection devices. This machine have continuous and pulse thergy. Pulse width adjustable, adjustable frequency , a wide range of operation, adaptability, easy to operate, easy to carry, suitable for surgey. Dermatdogy. ENT plastic surgey.

Application Ranges

1.Skin renewing and resurfacing
2.Skin tightening
3.Acne and acne scar removal
4.Smooth burnt scars and surgery scars, dermabrasion
5.Remove intractable chloasmas and pigmentation

Technology Characters

1.USA radio frequency laser
2.Individual design of laser structure, greatly facility laser replacement and easy daily maintenance
3.Display: 10.4\" color touch LCD screen
4.Humanized software control, stable laser output,more safe
5.Smart articular arm, high accuracy

6.Excellent performance, not affect people\'s normal life and study

Franctional Co2 Laser

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