Chinese scholars have succeeded in constructing infectious foot-and-mouth disease virus particles

Liu Guangqing, Liu Zaixin, and Xie Qingge of the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences completed the construction of the full-length genome-contagious clones of the foot-and-mouth disease virus OH/CHA/99 strain in late May 2004. The resulting pathogenicity of the rescue virus and the parent strain was basically achieved. Consistent. It provides research tools and technology platform for the research on the structure, function and pathogenic mechanism of the foot-and-mouth disease virus genome in China. According to Liu Zaixin's new researcher, the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) is a small RNA virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease in cloven-hoofed animals and is a serious infectious disease. Because the genome of the foot-and-mouth disease virus is single-stranded positive-stranded RNA, no intermediates of DNA are formed during the replication process, and genetic engineering techniques are mostly performed at the molecular level of DNA. It is very difficult to study the molecular pathogenic mechanism of foot-and-mouth disease virus at the genetic level. . The rise of reverse genetics technology has solved this problem. Reverse genetics technology is the "full-length genomic infective clone construction" technology. Liu Zaixin said that classical genetics studies the occurrence and development of life through the analysis of biological traits, phenotypes, and genetic materials; reverse genetics, on the basis of obtaining the entire sequence of the genome of an organism, builds the necessary organism-containing sequences in the order of composition. The genome of the genetic element allows it to assemble living individuals, and finally perform necessary modifications such as site-directed mutagenesis, gene insertion or deletion, and gene replacement on the target gene, constructing the functions of the modified genome, postgraduate subject genome, and possible modifications of these genes. Effects on the phenotype and traits of organisms. He said that reverse genetics technology has advantages in RNA virus research. Because of the instability of RNA, it is not easy to directly manipulate the RNA virus genome, and then convert the genome of the RNA virus into CDNA. After a variety of genetic manipulations are performed on the stable CDNA, the viral genome expression regulation mechanism and virus can be achieved. The molecular mechanism of pathogenicity is studied, and even attenuated strains are used to develop new vaccines. Liu Zaixin is the person in charge of the "Primary Study on the Structure of Viral Genomes and Their Coding Proteins" subproject under the "973" Program "Study on the Molecular Structure and Function of Major Livestock and Poultry Epidemics" project. Under the guidance of the project's chief scientist, Professor Xie Qingge, the research team completed the sequencing and analysis of the entire genome sequence of three foot-and-mouth disease viruses. To further investigate the gene function and related biological characteristics of the foot-and-mouth disease virus, the researchers first constructed the infectious CDNA of the OH/CHA/99 strain of the foot-and-mouth disease virus of swine, and then used this CDNA template to transcribe viral RNA in vitro. The infectivity of the transcript RNA was identified and the pathogenicity of the rescued virus was found to be not significantly different from its parental strain. Liu Zaixin said that this achievement provides a tool and technology platform for the study of the structure and function of the foot-and-mouth disease virus genome in China, as well as the pathogenic mechanism and host tropism, etc.; to further explore the molecular mechanism of foot-and-mouth disease virus disease and the immune evasion mechanism of the virus. It also laid a good foundation for the development of a new type of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, and provided a technical reference for the study of other pathogens.

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