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Commodity organic fertilizer is mainly produced from by-products rich in organic matter such as livestock and poultry manure, animal and plant residues, and fermented and decomposed, and is used as a fertilizer for commodities (commercial organic fertilizer standard of the Ministry of Agriculture). This kind of fertilizer has a growing role in agricultural production, pollution-free vegetables, orchards; the standardized production of many crops requires the use of organic fertilizer to reach a certain amount. In the recent period, organic fertilizer companies have sprung up like mushrooms after rain, and bloom in the north and south of the river. Although there are many manufacturing enterprises, due to factors such as fertilizer resources, transportation routes, and the economic status of growers, most areas in China are not widely used. If growers can master the production technology of commodity organic fertilizer, they can use local resources, draw materials locally, turn waste into treasure. The difference between commodity organic fertilizer and traditional farmyard manure: Farmyard manure is usually made by pounding livestock and poultry manure and straw in situ. The use of natural microorganisms for fermentation, this process is generally anaerobic fermentation. The temperature of anaerobic fermentation is low, and the nutrient loss is large. The eggs and pathogenic bacteria in the feces cannot be effectively killed. If the fermentation is not complete, this fertilizer may bring some pests and diseases to the crops. Most commercial organic fertilizers adopt aerobic fermentation technology. By adjusting the moisture of the material and adding the starter, the fermentation is carried out under artificially controlled conditions. The fermentation temperature is high, the fermentation is complete, and the fertilizer is harmless. First, raw materials: livestock and poultry manure; abandoned animal residues, internal organs; straw powder; mushroom residue, etc. Second, aerobic fermentation process: Fermentation agent livestock manure mixing fermentation stacking finished fertilizers straw powder Third, note: 1, fermentation The addition amount of the agent is generally relatively small, and usually it needs to be increased (general solid bacteria are realized by increasing rice bran etc.), the purpose is to make the bacteria uniform in the fermentation material, and to ensure sufficient fermentation of the material. 2. It is very important to adjust the moisture content of the fermentation material. The water content is controlled between 50-60%. If the water content is high, sawdust or straw powder is added, the water content is low and water is added. That is, when it is in a scattered state, it is a sign that the water content is appropriate. 3. When the moisture content of livestock and poultry excreta is high in the summer, the amount of straw powder is large, and the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is slightly lower. According to the author's experience, it can generally be ≥4%, but the organic matter content increases. Organic fertilizer does not need to deliberately pursue this indicator, and it can be applied with a little attention. Fourth, the meaning of self-made organic fertilizer 1, low cost: China's rural families have the habit of raising chickens, pigs, fecal resources, simply build a simple fermentation tank, a little bit of starter funds, generally one ton of organic fertilizer Need, tens of yuan of starter. 2. High efficiency: If the organic fertilizer is used properly, the quality of crops will increase and the yield will increase (in the case of rational fertilization), and the economic benefits will increase. I have done tomato planting trials, harvest season, the purchaser initiatively proposed to increase 0.05-0.2 yuan per catty, underwriting products. 3. Improved soil: Many of our country's land lacks organic matter. After a sufficient amount of organic fertilizer is applied for 3-4 years, the soil will be greatly improved and the land will become healthy and fertile.

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