Common Faults and Remedy for Small Motorized Sprayer

1. Can not start or start difficult: If the tank is oil-free, then you can add fuel; if the oil line is not smooth, then clean the oil channel; if the fuel is dirty, there is water in the oil, you need to replace the fuel; if the cylinder into If there is too much oil, remove the spark plug for several revolutions and dry the spark plug; if the spark plug does not flash over, excessive coke or insulator is broken, remove the coke or renew the insulator; if the spark plug, platinum gap adjustment If it is improper, it should be readjusted; if the capacitor breaks down, the high-voltage wire is broken or detached, the high-voltage coil breaks down, etc., it must be repaired and renewed; if there is oil on the platinum or burned out, remove the oil or polish the burned part. 2. Can be started but the power is insufficient: If the fuel supply is insufficient, the main volume hole is blocked, the air filter is blocked, etc., it should be cleaned and dredged; if the platinum gap is too small or the ignition time is too early, it should be adjusted; if the combustion chamber has carbon deposition If the temperature of the airframe is too high, the coke should be removed. If the cylinder liner, piston, and piston wear badly, replace the new one. If the mixture is too thin, increase the contrast. 3. Instable engine operation: If the main components are worn badly and there is a knocking phenomenon in the movement, the parts should be replaced; if the ignition timing is early, there is a phenomenon of tempering, check and adjust; if the platinum is worn or loose, it should be updated. Or tighten; if there is water in the float chamber or oil is deposited, causing unstable operation, clean it. 4. Sudden flameout during exercise: If the fuel burns, add fuel; if the high-voltage wire falls off, repair it. If the spark plug breaks down, replace it. 5. Pesticide spraying is not atomized: if the rotation speed is low, it should be accelerated; if the nozzle axis is bent in the ultra-low nozzle, there is debris or serious wear in the high-pressure injection nozzle, then take corresponding measures.

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Sachet Tomato Paste

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