Winter carrots are quite good for rabbits

Rabbiters know that rabbits fed granular feed in the three seasons of spring, summer, and autumn will not be fed with green grass to feed rabbits. There are also illustrations. After giving birth to big female rabbits, besides feeding more water, it is good to insist on adding some grassy wild vegetables. The mother's milk is obviously increased!

So how do you do when there is no grass and wild vegetables in the winter? Some rabbit-raising people feed radishes to rabbits. The results are quite good. There are three kinds of feeding methods. One is to throw the whole root radish in the cage, the second is to wipe the wire, and the third is to cut the diced radish. I think that it is not good for the whole rabbit to feed the rabbit. It is usually eaten and leaked to the bottom of the bamboo cage; rubbing it into the food box and often sticking to the wall can't finish it. That's fine. The rabbit eats one bite, does not waste, and does not lose nutrition even if it is cut.

The best time to feed carrots in winter is at noon. Feeding the granules once in the morning; feeding carrots at noon; feeding granules in the evening. This method of feeding is easy to digest. At the same time, the rabbit eats radishes at noon and sleeps in the afternoon. It is also easy to absorb.

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