Daily maintenance method for electronic balance

Electronic balance for weighing object quality. Electronic balances generally use strain gauge sensors, capacitive sensors, and electromagnetic balance sensors. The strain gauge sensor has a simple structure and low cost, but has limited precision. At present, it cannot achieve high precision; the capacitive sensor has a fast weighing speed and high cost performance, but it cannot achieve high precision; an electronic balance using an electromagnetic balance sensor. It is characterized by accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, automatic detection system, simple automatic calibration device and overload protection.

Daily maintenance notes for electronic balances :

1. When the electronic scale needs to be charged, it should be noted that the rated output voltage of the external adapter power supply (buck power supply) matches the "table" of the electronic balance, and the polarity of the ¢6 plug is correct (the voltage can be 10%) Positive and negative difference) Also pay attention to the initial voltage rating of the adapter is 110V or 220V, do not make a mistake. (9V no-load voltage should be greater than 12V, pay attention to the rated power of the transformer is greater than 15W, the quality of the silicon steel sheet is better. Otherwise, it will cause no current.

2. Weighing display instrument prompts to recharge when charging, do not need to increase the number of charging (because Zui good lead-acid battery zui can only charge and discharge 350 times, the general product is about 300 times, otherwise reduce the battery life , to bring economic losses to customers. The case / scale are equipped with 6V / 4A battery, after full power, LED display can be used for 80 hours, LCD display can be used for 120 hours, so that you can calculate the normal life of the battery It is 24000~36000 hours. For example, if a unit uses the weighing scale to work for 12 hours every day, it can be used for 6 days after fully charged. Do not make the battery voltage lower than 5.5V, then the battery will not charge current, causing the battery to be scrapped. When the electronic scale is not used for a long time, it should be charged once every two months to avoid over-discharging of the battery.

3. The charging circuit of each weighing company is intelligent. The color change of the charging indicator light reflects the working state of the battery being charged. Basically, it needs to be charged (dark red) → orange yellow → yellow → yellow green → green ( Complete the charging process) Usually the charging time is 12~15 hours.

4. When working in an environment with humidity, dust and temperature difference, it should promptly eliminate suspicious interference and do the corresponding maintenance work such as moisture discharge, cooling, dust removal. Especially for moisture-proof scales, it is necessary to check the sealing parts of the scale body regularly, such as: whether the waterproof surface is broken, whether the base is damaged, whether the screws are tight, whether the charging plug is damaged, whether the moisture-proof agent (originally white) in the battery compartment is Check the sealing performance of the battery cover when it turns green. If there is any abnormality, handle the sealing part, replace the parts, and replace the sealing strip. (If the seal is found to be inelastic, it must be replaced. When the seal is pressed, the joints should be aligned, squeezed, and not folded.) When tightening the screws, tighten them in a diagonal order. (Strong force should be appropriate, not too strong, resulting in an extended range of faults).

5. It is necessary to check the sensor regularly to check whether it is damp, whether it is oxidized, whether there is any foreign matter around the moving part, and it should be cleaned and maintained in time when abnormality is found. The anti-corrosion measure of the simple moisture-proof scale is to apply a layer of butter on the protective layer of the sensor elastic beam (white silicone part), so as to prevent moisture. Note: Do not apply butter to sensitive parts of the elastic beam.

6. For the circuit board in the electronic scale, it should be kept clean and free from all kinds of dust and debris. If it is damp, it can be coated with an insulating varnish after drying to facilitate the protection of the circuit board and improve the moisture insulation of the circuit. Performance, each connector should be in good contact, no bad contact or leakage of wires. When replacing circuit components, they must be replaced and replaced by the professional, and the user is not responsible for the movement.

7. The housing of the electronic scale (instrument) basically uses plastic products, so it should be kept away from corrosive solvents and gases during daily use, which can prolong the service life. Strong impact, extrusion, etc. should be avoided. Keep it clean at all times and find problems when it is urgent.

8. The electronic weighing instrument should avoid long-term work in places with extremely high or low temperature. If it must work in a bad environment, it should be used after a period of time (30 minutes). This is caused by sensors and electronic components. According to the temperature characteristics, they must have a temperature adaptation process before they can work normally, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of inaccurate weighing.

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