Water Conditioning Agent Helps High Quality and High Yield of Crab

The use of ponting ponds to raise crabs has the characteristics of less investment, quick results, and good individual quality. If the aquaculture process is supplemented with a goldfish fish and shrimp aquatic product water quality conditioner to manage the water quality and produce crab-free products that are pollution-free and in compliance with the standards of green food, they have a very competitive advantage in the market, huge profits, and great potential for development.
1. It is extremely important to cultivate basic food organisms and reduce the ratio of artificial feed feeding in high-quality crab culture. The cultivation of basic food organisms plays an extremely important role in the growth of crabs, because natural food bait organisms can meet the nutrient requirements of river crabs and also have the effect of stabilizing water quality, which is an important supplementary measure to reduce the feeding of artificial feed.
In the breeding process, the population and density of plankton in the pond can be regulated through the scientific use of aquatic fish quality regulators or water changes. The golden fish treasure shrimp aquaculture water quality conditioner belongs to the microbial water conditioner. Once activated by the water, the microorganism can effectively decompose the organic matter in the pond into mineral salts that the floating plants and plants can absorb and use, and continuously produce a large number of palatable floating plants and animals for the crabs. , can greatly reduce the amount of artificial feed, reduce the bait coefficient. For the protection of daily water quality, it is recommended that 0.2-0.3 g of aquaculture water conditioner be applied to each cubic meter of water and used every 15 to 20 days.
2. Maintaining good pool water quality and conducting benign ecological farming are also important means for high-quality crab production. Pools with good water quality have strong desires for crabs, strong food intake, high rates of digestion and absorption, high survival rates, and rapid growth; ponds with poor water quality will have opposite effects. Therefore, in the crab breeding process, it is necessary to improve the dissolved oxygen content of the water, reduce the concentration of harmful gases, prevent the pollution of the water in the pond, and create an excellent water environment, which can effectively promote the growth of crabs, reduce the feed coefficient and the cost of breeding. The golden fish treasure shrimp aquaculture water conditioner is a highly effective water conservation and conditioning agent, capable of rapidly degrading organic matter and harmful substances in the pool, effectively inhibiting germs, and functioning to purify and improve water quality.
In the breeding process of high-quality, green crabs, good water quality and natural bait cultivation are the key, and Ginqua Aquatic water conditioner, a product that serves two effects, can simultaneously meet the water quality and bait cultivation needs in the high-quality river crabs The breeding process plays an irreplaceable role. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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