Autumn delayed cold greenhouse cauliflower when the effect is good

Autumn delay cauliflower is generally raised in early August. When raising the seedlings, the well-drained plot should be selected. After applying the base fertilizer and a small amount of compound fertilizer, deep tillage and flattening should be done. Make a 1.5-meter-wide raft, the length of which depends on the number of seedlings needed, and then pour the water until the water seeps. Sowing, cover 1 to 1.5 cm thick finely screened fine soil. Seedling during the emergence should see dry see wet, small water ground pouring, seedlings out about 10 days after the Qi, and the time seedlings, thinning stay strong when the seedlings, so that the seedling distance to maintain 44 cm, seedling age of about 40 days, you can plant . Customization time is early September, 5 to 7 days before planting, Mushi fully fermented organic fertilizer 3 to 4 square, compound fertilizer 40 kilograms, trace element fertilizer 200 grams, deep plowing flat do flat plowing, and then planing planting, planting When the seedlings were cut and planted, they were planted at a spacing of 5050 cm and watered immediately after planting.

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