GHP-9050 water-proof incubator common faults and troubleshooting methods

Overview GHP-9050 Water-incubator of the incubator <br> <br> Water-based in the tank with water, heated by electric conduction into the chamber to raise the tank temperature, so that indirect heating tank, a temperature The rise and fall are both direct and the air is heated slowly, which is very suitable for bacterial culture. The outer shell of the box is welded by thin steel plate. The inner and outer layers of the water tank are made of copper. The insulating layer is filled with glass wool and has good thermal insulation performance. The external hammer paint and parts are chrome-plated. The Shanghai Island Korean water-proof incubator is equipped with a double-door door. The inner door is made of a glass door and a box door frame for easy observation of the test object. Electrical parts are placed in the space on the left side of the box for easy access and replacement of parts. The automatic temperature control element is coiled into a spiral shape by a bimetal piece, which is inserted into the box and is provided with a protective tube. : Its sensitivity is ±0.5 °C, in the range of 20-60 °C. The water-proof incubator is heated or thermostated with red and green light indicators.

GHP-9050 water-proof incubator solution:

Phenomenon principle processing
No power supply 1. The socket has no power supply 1. Change the socket 2. The plug is not plugged in or disconnected. Plug in the plug or connect the cable. The fuse is open 3. Change the fuse 4. The power switch is not closed. Close the power switch 2. The temperature inside the box does not rise 1. Set the temperature low 1. Adjust the set temperature 2. Electric heater is bad 2. Change electric heater 3. The temperature controller is bad 3. Change the temperature controller 4. The temperature sensor cable is loose. Tighten the sensor cable nut 3. The set temperature is greater than the temperature error inside the box. The temperature sensor is broken. Change the temperature sensor 4. Temperature out of control The temperature sensor is fixed off. Fixed temperature sensor 2. The temperature controller is broken and the thyristor is broken. Change temperature controller, thyristor

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