Older woman vigilance "painless" breast cancer

Prevention of breast cancer can not rely on touch only, eight types of women need regular breast examination
Many women now know that breast cancer prevention should pay attention to self-examination. However, if patients use “whether they feel palpable or painful under the armpits” as the standard of treatment, they will seriously delay treatment. Experts warn that early breast cancer may not have any clinical manifestations, and that those with older breast cancer and high risk of breast cancer should regularly visit the hospital for screening.

No pain, no breast cancer

Guangdong Provincial Hospital of China Breast Division Liu Xiaoyan, deputy chief physician pointed out that breast pain is not a unique symptom of breast cancer, breast cancer may also be breast disease. "There are pains that are not necessarily breast cancer. There are masses but no pain does not mean that you can rule out breast cancer. Without feeling pain, the patient is often taken lightly." She said that early breast cancer can have no clinical manifestations and should be checked regularly at the hospital. Find out if you are sick or not.

In addition to conducting self-examinations during bathing, breast cancer screening should also be carried out at the hospital for specialist periodic examinations, including physician physical examinations and functional tests. Functional tests include B-ultrasound, molybdenum target X-rays, and MR. Among them, it is recommended to conduct a B-ultrasound every six months to one year.

"A lot of women have misunderstandings about molybdenum target X-ray examinations and are afraid of radiation." Liu Xiaoyan pointed out that the radiation dose of this inspection will not exceed the limit that the human body can bear. It is currently the first and "gold standard" for breast cancer screening. She suggested that molybdenum target X-ray examinations can be performed every year for patients over the age of 40. In addition, people with family history and high-risk factors may advance and increase follow-up examinations to screen for breast cancer as soon as possible.

Commonly used beauty products need to prevent mastopathy

Experts emphasized that the focus of breast cancer prevention is prevention in advance. For "mature women", regular life, timely marriage and childbirth, adequate breast-feeding, and regular breast cancer screening are the most effective and convenient four prevention measures.

Huang Yong, deputy chief physician of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, reminded that the following eight categories of women should undergo regular breast health examinations: there is a family history of breast cancer; menarche or menstruation before 12 years of age is more than 40 years old; High-fat and low-fiber foods, overweight or accompanied by diabetes, long-term use of hormones or hormone replacement therapy, 30-year-old children, over 40 years of age who are not pregnant, single, over-marriage, or short marriage time; benign breast disease History; Radiological history and unhealthy lifestyles; Lots of applications of estrogen-containing cosmetics and health products.

In addition, we must adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise 1 hour each day, the incidence of breast cancer can be reduced by 10% to 20%.

In terms of food and beverage, many women love the “beauty and nourishing sacramental products” papaya and stew. In fact, estrogen-rich foods such as ferrets and royal jelly cannot eat too much, especially before and after menopause. However, fruits such as sweet potatoes, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, as well as fruits rich in vitamin C such as kiwi, may be eaten regularly.

Tips: Female Breast Health Care Strategies

1. Workplace light mature

Workplace "light mature women" and "older mature women" must understand how to release stress and find suitable ways to vent their emotions. Diet, routine should be regular, regular breast examinations, but also take time to do more exercise.

2. Breastfeeding women

Breast-feeding women should do good breast care. Liu Xiaoyan pointed out that breast-feeding women must carry out adequate breast-feeding and there is a shortage of milk. Chinese medicine can be used for conditioning. If breastfeeding is not smooth, it may be milk deposition or mastitis. To empty the accumulated milk, massage and hot compresses may be appropriate.

Menopausal women

Menopausal women should regularly check and track the status of breast cancer, do not blindly "tonic", partial eclipse of certain types of supplements, in particular, royal jelly, ferrets, etc., before and after menopause should not eat too much. Pay attention to grooming emotions.

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