Food phase grams: what foods should not be the same food

In life, some food combinations have been established for a long time, and their wonderful tastes have also been accepted by people. It is customary to think that such a combination is a matter of course. However, from a health perspective, some collocations are unscientific.

Foods that cannot be eaten together can be mainly divided into two categories: One is food that reacts with food, resulting in the loss of nutrients. However, such food does not cause harm to the body and is not easily detected when the same food is eaten; The other type is foods that react with the same food to produce some toxins or substances that are severely irritating to the body, thereby causing direct damage to the body and causing symptoms such as diarrhea and headaches.

Here we summarize the food phase grams table: It is not suitable for food with the same food, but you can eat separately, after eating a kind, then eat another, it is best to be separated by more than 4 hours.

(1) Vegetables

White radish: Forbidden to eat with oranges, if the same diet may cause goiter; white radish can not be the same with apples, pears, grapes and other fruits; white radish bogey and fleece-flower root, mixed rehmanniae; fasting radish when served ginseng .

Carrots: It is forbidden to share food with wine. Because carrots and alcohol enter the body, they will produce toxins in the liver and cause liver diseases. Carrots are best eaten alone or with meat, not with tomatoes, peppers, pomegranates, papayas, etc. Eat, because carrots contain decomposing enzymes that can lose vitamins in other fruits and vegetables.

Sweet potato: Should not be the same as the persimmon, the same food will form hardly soluble lump, causing bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, etc., can cause serious, life-threatening.

Bamboo shoots: bamboo shoots should not be the same with tofu with food, easy to eat stones with food; not with sugar and food.

Pumpkin: Do not eat with lamb, otherwise it is prone to jaundice and athlete's foot.

Celery: Do not eat with vinegar, otherwise it will damage the teeth.

Soy milk: Do not eat with spinach or milk, avoid using soy milk to flush eggs.

Onion: bogey and bayberry, honey with the same food, otherwise there will be chest tightness, bogey and dates, to yellow with the food.

Garlic: Generally should not be the same food with tonic, bogey and honey, fleece-flower root, to yellow with the food.

Cucumbers: bogey and peanuts with the same food, with the food injury spleen.

(2) Meat

Pork: Avoid bogey with ravioli, the same food can make people's face black. Avoid eating the same food as pigeons, squid, and shrimp. The same food can make people stagnant.

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