Eat leeks on March 3 to prevent spring epidemics

On the third and third day of March, it was the Shangyu Festival in ancient times. It was a lively day when ordinary people rushed out to visit the city. This kind of good day is of course impossible to eat. what to eat? Eat leeks. Today, very few people know on the festival. But people in many places will still eat leeks on this day, that is, leeks.

Eat leeks on March 3 to prevent spring epidemics

Leek medicine, the biggest effect is the strong effect of Chen Han cold, and the drug is very peaceful. March 3 eat leeks, is to get rid of the cold accumulated in the winter.

"Huangdi Neijing" said it well: "Winter hurts the cold, and the spring must be warm." It means that the winter has been frozen. If it is not resolved in time, the cold will lurk inside the human body. In the spring, when the yang gas rises, these latent chills begin to occur, and the extremely cold heat can cause flu fever. This is also the reason why spring is particularly prone to various epidemics.

Therefore, in order to prevent the accumulation of heat in winter and winter, in the spring can not use drugs Daxin hot, but must use leeks to prevent spring "warm disease."

Leek is flat. What's special about it is that it can not only turn cold but also bloody, making it impossible to turn the cold into an internal fire and maintain the body's cold and heat balance.

Maternal drinking leek water to prevent monthly disease

The special effect of leeks and chills is particularly useful for mothers.

Experienced people all know that if a woman has a fever in the month, it is very troublesome. It not only affects the breast-feeding of her child, but is also particularly detrimental to postpartum recovery. If she is not careful, she will fall sick and suffer long-term exposure. .

The personal experience that a reader friend told me is a typical case. She was originally an individual with a strong personality. She had not had the old man in her child's home. The person who took care of her had no experience, causing her to fire four times. They also covered her with two big quilts and tried to get rid of it by sweating. After birth, the body is empty, and then sweating a few times. It is even weaker. Since then, her body has deteriorated, she has started to gain weight, got fatty liver, and has fallen ill. The back is cold, and in winter it must be worn on the back with a cotton pad. The most serious is the knee. It is always cold like a piece of ice all year round and thick pants are worn in the summer. For many years, she had been unable to cure her medical problems and was very painful.

Maternal body is relatively weak, the diet is a little careless, the body of the cold is easy to attack, into the internal fire, in the local inflammation, and even make people start burning.

This friend had a continuous fever caused by this reason. And the person who takes care of her uses the method of dealing with the common cold and cold and gives her a quilt and sweat. This is a huge mistake. Chinese medicine speaks of "sweat and blood homology." Khan is blood. Maternal mothers suffer from excessive blood loss, and then sweat a lot. Those who are physically strong cannot stand it.

If you remove the cold in your body after giving birth, you can avoid this kind of thing.

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