Micro tillage machine safe operation technology

First, before the use of the operation, we must first read the instructions carefully, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instructions for running maintenance, and then must be trained to operate.

2. Check whether the fastening fasteners of the machine are fastened before operation. Remember to tighten the bolts (including the traveling box section, the pressure box section, the engine support connection section, the engine muffler, the air filter, etc.).

Third, the head, the fuselage placed in a horizontal position to check whether to add enough oil, gear oil, can not be added, can not be added; check for oil leakage (oil, diesel, gear oil) phenomenon before they can use. At the same time remember that the fuel tank can not add gasoline, must add 0# diesel.

4. Add 1 cc of oil to the bottom of the air filter before use. The operation of the tiller is prohibited after drinking, the new machine is not allowed to work under heavy load, and tires should be changed in the field. In particular, operations on the slope should prevent the tiller from injuring others.

5. When starting up, be sure to confirm that there is no one before and after, and that it can be started only after safety to avoid hurting people.

In the course of the operation, the middle substitution shall be conducted and the person shall be talked with. When weeds are wound on the weeds, the fire shall be extinguished.

7. When the tiller is installed with a knife holder, do not walk on cement roads or slate floors. Avoid collisions with hard objects such as large stones during operations so as not to damage the blades. After discovering that the engine or walking box and the pressure box have abnormal noises, it is necessary to stop the inspection and remove the fault before working.

8. If the operator is less than 1 meter away from the kerb in his work, the use of reverse gear is prohibited.

Nine, the new engine in the normal work of 20 acres of land, you must heat engine oil and gear oil replacement, or cold machine can not drain the body of residual oil; 80-100 acres after the second replacement; continuous operation 3-5 days must After cleaning the air filter element, after 400-700 mu, check the pressure of oil pump and oil nozzle, check and adjust the valve clearance, replace the piston ring, valve and connecting rod if necessary.

10. After each season is completed, attention shall be paid to the removal of soil, weeds, oil and other attachments on the tiller, and at the same time check the tightening of fastener bolts, and find films or other things to cover to prevent sun and rain. Rusty.

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