Ways to identify moldy rice

Mouldy rice first showed excellent taste and odor, which can be judged by basic "smell, look, touch". Smell: If you smell the smell of rice, it is a sign of fever and mildew. In the early stage of mildew, the smell is not obvious. Look: It can be seen from the following aspects whether or not mildew occurs in rice: (1) Dislocation occurs: As rice grains are moist, the unsoiled mink skin adhered to the flour or rice grains floats, and the grain appears coarse and unclean. 2 from the eyes: As rice embryonic tissue is loose, containing protein, fat, mold erosion from the first, so that the color of the embryo, commonly known as "eyes." 3 from the ribs: grain side and back of the groove into gray, it is called ribs, rice color dark. Touch: Due to the strong breathing of rice and microorganisms, local moisture condensation, moist rice grain, known as sweating, its hardness decreased, falling, reduced, with the hand can be grouped. When the phenomenon of rising eyes and gluten occurred in rice storage, moldiness of rice was already evident. At this time, it must be aired, ventilated and treated in time to prevent it from deteriorating. In the process of early rice heat and mildew, rice quality loss is not obvious, such as timely treatment, does not affect the use. The skin can be peeled off as much as possible before cooking, rinse with water more than a few times, pour the water, float, rice bran, reduce the mycotoxin content in rice. Once mildew is severe, it cannot be eaten, otherwise it will cause liver damage and symptoms of human poisoning.

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