Precautions when using acaricides

First, pay attention to choose the best pesticide control period of drug use as far as possible in the early stage of pest damage, population density, the number of spraying when less, in order to increase the effective time of acaricide, reduce the number of uses. The best period of prevention and control in the fruit tree is the second half of the Xiehua period, which is the early stage of the first hatching of the eggs of the first worm and the wheat harvest. Second, pay attention to the use of acaricide rotation 1, in the case of cockroaches of cockroaches, if cockroaches, puppies coexist at the same time, should be selected to each cockroach species are effective acaricides. Can choose 20% zeling WP, 41% diesel, lingling EC, 34% diesel, fenling EC, 73% of ecstasy and other acaricides, all have fast killing, efficacy With high and full-featured features, one of them can be used alternately to achieve the purpose of controlling harm. 2. In the case of coexisting eggs with less eggs and more eggs, a long-acting acaricide should be used that has good egg kill effect and cures both eggs and lice. Can choose 10% suspension, 40% wettable powder, 10% triazoni, four-star suspension, 5% Nissorange EC. These agents can penetrate and kill eggs, so that the eggs can not develop hatching, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the rapid growth of pest density. 3. When the damage of the two-spotted spider mite (white spider) increases, a special agent for killing white spiders, such as 15% of Avermya sp., should be selected for its characteristics of small size, strong concealment, rapid crawling, and stronger reproductive ability. Emulsifiable concentrate, 1% avid-chlorine EC, 35% avermectin EC.

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