Comprehensive prevention and treatment of apple rot disease in June

Apple rotten fruit disease is mainly caused by the combined infections of rotenia, anthrax, mold heart disease, brown rot, and other pathogens. It is caused by contagios infections caused by wind and rain. In case of high temperature and rainy weather, especially in the young fruit period, frequent sporulation of sporadic disease occurs in the diseased part. If the spraying is not timely, serious disease will occur.

First, spray twice before eradication of strong fungicides, such as: general tree care 1000 times fluid, Baume 5 degrees lime sulfur, 40% 100 times the United States arsenic, 80% sodium pentachlorophenol 200 times.

Second, at the end of the flowering period spray M-45 800 times or 70% mancozeb 800, in order to timely control of mycotic disease.

Third, in the apple growing period, the fruit is sprayed on the fruit and sedatively 2-3 times, and the fruit is sprayed for 60-30 days before the fruit is harvested. The turmeric is used for 1-2 times to accelerate the nutrient transfer of the tree and enhance the resistance of the tree itself to the disease. ability.

In the first half of May, the fluffy period of apple fruit was 800 times that of the Guokong room or 800 times that of the Yantai film, and 50% of the carbendazim WP was added 800 times or 70% of the thiophanate-methyl 800 times or 800 times. B phosphorus aluminum 800 times. After 10 days, spray another M-45 800 times.

Fifth, reduce the circumcision and girdling of the tree body, prevent the tree vigor from weakening, and increase the disease resistance of the tree body.

6. After the fruit is harvested, the whole garden is sprayed with 1000 times fluid to protect the trees and the air. This will strengthen the protection and reduce the overwintering base of pathogens.

In the dormancy period, general tree-protecting trees are used for painting branches and tumors to eliminate the sources of overwintering bacteria.

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