Commercial pheasant fattening method

The pheasant fattening stage refers to the period from the beginning of the age of the week to the age of 16-18 weeks. At this stage, the weight of the pheasant rose linearly.

[reasonable feeding]

Raw grain feeding can increase the proportion of corn, sorghum and other energy feeds (recommended formula: corn 40%, wheat 15%, fried peas 20%, rapeseed cake 15%, wheat bran 5%, rice bran 4% 1% of bone meal, another 2.5 kg of salt per ton of material and appropriate trace elements); purchase of chicken feed, can be purchased broiler growth feed. Ensure sufficient drinking water, in addition to add 10-20% of green feed. At least once a week sand bath, spray 2% trichlorfon solution in the sand to kill ectoparasites.

[control density]

The initial period (5-11 weeks old) raises 10-12/m2, and can be reared in groups according to the size of the male and female, the strength and the size, and gradually reduce the density to 6-8 pieces per square meter. At the same time, enough troughs should be provided for uniform feeding and consistent growth.

[Set Perches, Flood Prevention]

Inside and outside of the fattening hen house should be placed in habitats for the pheasants to stop. This will not only make full use of the breeding space, but will also help to reduce embarrassment. In high-density feeding, pheasants are prone to feathering and licking. If a pheasant with a bruise is found, it should be proposed and a purple lotion or camphor ointment should be applied to the wound to keep it in isolation. Regulate the pheasant if necessary: ​​(1) hung grass or vegetables in the house to lure the pheasant leeks and disperse the energy of their feathers, supplemented with vitamins and cellulose; (2) at 9-11 weeks of age , Feather meal can be added to the feed by 1%; (3) The salt in the feed is increased to 2.5%, or add salt in drinking water, and ensure sufficient water supply. Of course, in order to avoid bruising, it is also important to cut off at the right time during the infant stage.


Keep quiet as much as possible and decline to visit to reduce the influence of external factors. In order to prevent a startled flight or a crash, the primary fly feather on one side of the pheasant can be cut off; the construction of the screen house should not be too high.

Do a good job of epidemic prevention

The broiler house should be cleaned every day, and weekly sterilizers should be disinfected with 100 toxins and other disinfectants. At the age of 8 to 9 weeks, the Newcastle disease vaccine was inoculated with water (2 times the injection volume). If wet and rainy weather occurs during fattening, 0.04% of oxytetracycline or other antibiotics should be added to the feed to prevent the occurrence of fowl cholera or coccidiosis. Generally, one week of dosing and one week of dosing followed by one week of dosing can be achieved. The purpose of prevention.

In the whole puree production process, there are four key steps to ensure the quality of QIZITO Goji Puree :


1) Surf cleaning:


The dust attached to the surface of the fresh goji is cleaned by twice surfing cleaning, and the fresh goji is cleaned more thoroughly by bubbling and tumbling. After second cleaning, lifting and draining, spraying with pure water, and drying, so the cleaned fresh goji enter the pureeing process in a dry state to ensure that no water is added to the goji puree.


It is worth mentioning that in all the above cleaning steps, Red Power insists on using pure water, and only uses it once, and does not reuse it.


2) Crushing and beating:


Red Power's beater uses ultra-high-speed centrifugal rotation force to quickly separate the fresh goji seed, skin and juice. Unlike traditional physical pressing, it can release the juice more quickly and retain the nutrients in the goji puree.


3) Ultra-high pressure homogenization:


The original puree after crushing and beating is very similar to the finished product in sensory. However, in order to allow customers to get a better taste and improve the absorption rate of goji puree by the human body, Red Power adopts ultra-high pressure homogenization equipment. Through the huge pressure difference, the molecules of goji puree are smaller and better absorbed. Also more delicate.


4) Aseptic filling:


Red Power uses pasteurization to sterilize the prepared goji puree, which retains the taste and color while retaining the effective nutrients.


After pasteurization, the original puree is controlled to enter the filling barrel through a fully automatic program. The entire process is carried out in a closed manner to ensure that there is no bacterial infection, and it is stored avoiding sunshine. It is worth mentioning that, in order to retain nutrients, Red Power adopts cold filling method for filling after pasteurization to avoid the loss of nutrients.

Goji berries (also known as Wolfberries, Lycium barbarum), have been used in Asian herbal medicine for over 5,000 years and has been regarded as one of the most nutrient-rich foods on earth.


Nutrition Facts

1 - Contain 18 amino acids.

2 - Contain 21 trace minerals.

3 - Contain more protein than whole wheat.

4 - Contain B-complex vitamins.


The specifications of Dried Wolfberry fruits are distinguished by the number of grains per 50g. The smaller the number of grains per 50g, the larger the grains of each dried wolfberry fruit. Generally, the wolfberry with 180 grains per 50g is the least on the market and the most popular.

Specifications of dried wolfberry fruit

180 grains/50g, 220 grains/50g, 250 grains/50g, 280 grains/50g,370 grains/50g, 500 grains/50g, 550 grains/50g, 580 grains/50g, etc.


Ways of eating Goji Berry Chinese :

Eat directly,



Chinese medicine formula,

Baking ingredients,

Beverage ingredients

Goji Berry Tea Benefits

●Reduce cholesterol.


●Support normal kidney function.


●Support healthy liver function.

●Support eye health and improves vision.

●Balance blood pressure and serum sugar.

●Treat sexual dysfunction.

●Goji Berry for Pregnancy

●Goji Berry Benefits for Skin

Organic Dried Goji Berries

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