The “price increase order” issued by edible oil is expected to increase by 13% to 18%

In October, after food and sugar, edible oils finally could not contain cost pressures, and the price hike has become tighter. According to the data of the General Administration of Customs, the average price of imported soybeans in China has risen for three consecutive months since July, resulting in an overall increase in edible oil brands. Yesterday, the reporter visited some of the city's supermarkets and grain and oil shops selling edible oil. It was learned that several sellers had received notification from the manufacturers that the price increase for edible oil was a foregone conclusion.

Vendor: The relevant person in charge of the notification of a large supermarket told the reporter that because the supermarket has sufficient reserves of oil, the current sales are still in stock, so the price has not changed, but because it has received a price increase from the manufacturer Therefore, the price increase is a foregone conclusion. “Because domestic soybean purchase prices have risen, the price of imported soybeans has also been rising. Therefore, our price increase is mainly aimed at soybean oil and blended oil.” According to the person in charge, there was a price increase for soyoil in 2009. Soybean oil, peanut oil, and other prices were raised again, and all edible oils before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival had a price increase of between 1 and 2 yuan. The recent price increase notification by the manufacturers will increase the price of soybean oil by about 18%. The price increase for oil blending will be about 13% to 14%. Other edible oil prices will not change much.

Afterwards, the reporter visited several small grain and oil shops, and the shopkeepers stated that they had started a slow price increase because of factory price increase notices. "Although profits have not decreased, sales have declined slightly because of rising prices." The owner complained to reporters.

In an interview, the reporter learned that, for example, five litres of soybean oil from Arowana was used as an example, supermarkets that had not yet risen in price were priced at 48.9 yuan, and in grain and oil stores that had already risen in price, they had sold about 50 yuan.

Consumers: Different levels of influence The reporter learned from several supermarkets that because oil prices have not risen yet, there has been no “rushing buying” of edible oil. However, due to the news that prices have risen in other places, there has been a slight increase in sales in recent days, but it is less obvious.

Mr. Zhang, who is buying oil at a supermarket, told reporters that because he has not yet raised the price, he has not yet felt any impact on his life. “The doctor said that eating too much oil is bad for health, so our family does not eat oil. Many, even if prices increase, it should not have much impact.” Mr. Zhang said.

As a restaurant with big oil, the situation will not be so optimistic. The owner of a Northeastern restaurant said: “Now the price of oil is rising two pieces today, rising three pieces tomorrow, the price is getting higher and higher, but the price of vegetables can not easily rise, for fear of affecting the source, so I heard that we must increase prices, Feeling stressful."

In addition, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that the city has a certain amount of reserve oil in order to cope with the price deviation from the normal track. However, the current price increase is still normal price fluctuations, so no response measures.

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